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5 Content Marketing Ideas for July 2023

Search engine optimizers sometimes refer to content marketing as a hamster wheel: It needs nonstop generating to keep traffic flowing and visitors engaged.

In July 2023, there are many topics to keep the wheel turning. These include national holidays — Canada Day on July 1 and U.S. Independence Day on July 4 — and unconventional selections such as co-hosting a podcast with an AI tool.

Content marketing is the act of creating, distributing, and promoting articles, videos, and the like to attract, engage, and retain customers. What follows are five content topics your business can use in July 2023.

Amazon Prime Day

At the time of writing, Amazon had not yet announced the dates for Prime Day, its annual sales event. But if history holds, the sale should happen sometime in July.

Image of two girls laughing while pushing a shopping cart down a street

Amazon Prime Day is a content marketing opportunity even if you don’t sell on that marketplace. Image: Joel Mott.

How your business uses content marketing should depend on whether it sells on the Amazon Marketplace.

For Amazon sellers, the content might feature Prime Day buying guides, podcasts discussing how your business prepares for Prime Day, or even product origin stories describing how your company developed its best-selling item.

Businesses that don’t sell on Amazon could address alternative shopping ideas, such as “The Best Products You Can’t Find on Amazon” or “Sustainability: Why the Store You Shop Matters.”

Elvis Presley

Photo of Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley in 1958, as his career was gaining momentum. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

On July 5, 1954, Elvis Presley recorded his breakthrough hit “That’s All Right,” marking the start of his legendary music career.

Your company can tap into nostalgia and Presley’s cultural significance to create compelling content that resonates with your audience.

Here the key to content success is finding unique ways to connect your products or industry to Elvis or the music industry.

Blog titles could include:

  • “The King’s Influence: How Elvis Shaped the Fashion Industry”
  • “Rock and Roll Decor: Elvis-inspired Interior Design Ideas”
  • “Elvis-inspired Playlist: Music to Get Your Workout All Shook Up”

Imagine a company such as Gymshark (apparel) or Onnit (supplements) using that last idea.

National Mojito Day

Photo of a mojito drink on an outdoor table

The mojito is a popular summertime cocktail with Cuban origins. Photo: Gabriel Petry.

July 11 is National Mojito Day, an occasion to create content that celebrates this refreshing cocktail or the ideas it embodies.

The mojito cocktail has a rich history rooted in Cuban culture and can be traced to the 16th century when Spanish explorers and settlers arrived on the island. The original version of the mojito was called “El Draque” after Sir Francis Drake, an English pirate who sailed the Caribbean. Legend has it that Drake’s crew consumed a mixture of aguardiente (a crude form of rum), sugar, lime, and mint leaves to cure various ailments and boost their spirits.

Over time, the recipe evolved to include rum, mint, lime juice, sugar, and soda water, resulting in today’s classic mojito.

National Mojito Day offers content marketers the opportunity to address the cocktail and any summer activity with a “mojito” vibe.

Here are examples for men’s apparel shops:

  • “Dressing Up Your Mojito: Stylish Attire for Summer Cocktail Parties”
  • “Mojito Nights: How to Look Sharp at Rooftop Bar Gatherings”
  • “The Perfect Mojito Date: Outfit Ideas for a Night Out”
  • “From Office to Mojito Hour: Transitioning Your Look for After-work Drinks”
  • “Mojito Vibes: Summer Suiting Tips for an Effortlessly Cool Look”

AI Co-host

This content marketing idea embraces the artificial intelligence boon.

First, consider launching a podcast for your business. Then add a twist, use an AI tool as your co-host.

Armando: Would you like to co-host a podcast with me?

ChatGPT: OMG, like, totally! That sounds absolutely amazing! I’m, like, super excited to be your co-host for a national podcast. We can talk about all the cool stuff that teens love, like fashion, music, movies, celebrity gossip, and so much more. We’ll have the best time ever, sharing our thoughts, interviewing cool guests, and spreading positive vibes to all our listeners. It’s going to be, like, a dream come true! Let’s make this podcast the talk of the town, girl!

Pick a topic relevant to your industry and the products you sell that will likely attract, engage, and retain customers. For example, a brand such as Lmnt (athletic drinks) might develop a fitness podcast covering workouts, mountain biking, or sunbathing.

Then ask the AI tool a question. You can read those answers or use a text-to-speech service to give the AI a voice in the podcast.

Independence Days

Photo of nighttime fireworks in the sky

Fireworks are a staple of Independence Day celebrations. Photo: Jeffery Hamilton.

I’ve saved a top idea for the end. July 1 is Canada Day, and July 4 is America’s Independence Day.

These dates are among the most important sales opportunities for North American retail businesses. Consider creating articles or videos highlighting the history, traditions, and festivities associated with these holidays. As always, find ways to connect the content to your products.

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