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Ecommerce Product Releases: December 25, 2023

Here is our weekly list of new products and updates from companies offering services to ecommerce and omnichannel merchants. There are updates on social commerce, buy-now-pay-later options, generative AI, video email, analytics, website builders, and tools to sell on Amazon.

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Product Releases: December 25

Amazon adds metric to help sellers avoid the new FBA low-inventory fee. Amazon has launched a “minimum inventory level” metric to help FBA sellers plan stock availability, improve delivery speeds, and avoid the recently announced low-inventory-level fee. Effective April 1, 2024, the low-inventory-level fee will apply when both the long-term historical days of supply (last 90 days) and short-term historical days of supply (last 30 days) are below 28 days. To view historical days of supply, go to FBA Inventory.

Web page of Amazon Seller Central

Amazon Seller Central

TikTok tests new desktop-based tools for creators. TikTok is developing tools for creators, including a new Creator Center UI in the desktop-based version of the app, providing more analytics insights and updated discovery tools utilizing conversational AI. TikTok recently added a conversational chatbot guide to help Creative Center users find what they’re after in the app. The updated Creator Center format is being tested with selected users, while the new chatbot is available in TikTok’s Creative Center.

Affirm to offer BNPL loans at Walmart self-checkouts. Affirm is offering buy-now-pay-later loans at self-checkout kiosks in more than 4,500 U.S. Walmart stores. Buyers of at least $144 of products at Walmart, except groceries, can divide payments over 3 to 24 months. After scanning products at Walmart’s self-checkout kiosks, shoppers log onto Affirm’s app or website and enter details, including the last four digits of their social security number. Approved shoppers receive a barcode to finalize payment.

Meta launches small business partnership with India’s ONDC. Meta has partnered with India’s Open Network for Digital Commerce to help smaller merchants do business on WhatsApp. The partnership enables and educates small businesses in building conversational buyer and seller experiences on WhatsApp through an ecosystem of solution providers. Meta will kick off the partnership by training micro, small, and midsize enterprises in India through its Small Business Academy.

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eBay releases social caption generator using AI to help sellers. eBay has launched a generative AI feature to assist sellers in creating social posts. Sellers visiting the Social page in Seller Hub will see the “Use AI Caption” button next to the text entry box when adding a social media caption. The generative AI crafts a post about the listed item, including hashtags and emojis. The seller can prompt the AI to rewrite captions, and manually customize them.

Payoneer introduces new payment processing features. Payoneer has updated its online payment processing platform. The update includes (i) pre-dispute alerts to help SMB merchants avoid costly chargebacks, (ii) a native Shopify checkout feature, (iii) batch payment requests to handle up to 200 transactions simultaneously, and (iv) batch payment transfers to 500 Payoneer accounts simultaneously. A role management feature to set up staff is coming soon.

Byteex introduces personalized video email communication for ecommerce. Byteex, an agency specializing in integrating artificial intelligence and ecommerce, has launched an AI-driven offering that personalizes video emails within the online retail space. According to the company, the AI tool transforms ecommerce merchant interactions with customers through video communication. Byteex offers search engine marketing, pay-per-click services, and ecommerce development, along with UI/UX design and AI and machine learning development.

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Joopco releases white-label feature and automated reporting for Amazon sellers. Joopco, a provider of Amazon analytics, has released a white-label feature for sellers. The feature empowers agencies to have branded reporting that transforms data analysis for Amazon businesses. Joopco’s automated reporting and reimbursement tool enables sellers to deliver info to investors, agencies, and interested parties.

Vagaro launches MySite website builder for wellness businesses. Vagaro, a developer of salon, spa, and fitness software, has launched MySite, a website builder with a booking system. According to the company, users can customize their website with drag-and-drop templates. Multi-location compatibility makes it easy to scale as a business grows. Also, MySite allows wellness professionals to create their own custom domain or transfer an existing one to the platform. launches Valor ecommerce app on Google Play and Apple iOS stores. ​​, a developer of products and services to connect brands and consumers in three-dimensional internet environments, has launched Valor, an ecommerce platform within the company’s metaverse group that allows product placement and advertising within virtual gaming worlds, including Roblox and Fortnite. Players in these environments use the app by scanning branded items to claim offers and earn points redeemable for rewards.

GroupBy’s product discovery platform is now available on Shopify. GroupBy, a product discovery platform, has launched its AI search and discovery app on the Shopify App Store. The AI manages search results based on inventory status, customer preferences, and click stream data to deliver personalized and relevant customer search experiences. Merchants can manage the search experience and set dynamic filters that help customers find what they want. GroupBy’s app includes analytics data, real-time data syncing, and visual reports on key website metrics.

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