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Ecommerce Product Releases: December 4, 2022

Here is a list of product releases for late November from companies that offer services to online merchants. There are updates on shipping, product recommendations, artificial intelligence, drop shipping, social media, fraud prevention, and cryptocurrencies.

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Ecommerce Product Releases

GetResponse introduces AI Product Recommendations. GetResponse, an email marketing platform, has announced the launch of AI Product Recommendations. The feature allows shopowners to increase upsells and cross-sells by showing products to visitors with the highest probability of conversion based on past behavior and transactional history.

Screenshot of the GetResponse home page.


Bolt announces Quick Checkout for Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source. Bolt, a checkout technology company, has announced Quick Checkout. The feature allows Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source merchants to add mobile-friendly, passwordless checkout experiences to streamline the buying process for shoppers. The integration takes less than an hour, with no custom coding. The Quick Checkout extension is now available on Adobe’s Commerce Marketplace.

ShipEngine partners with GoDaddy for discounted shipping. ShipEngine, a shipping API, is partnering with GoDaddy stores. With an integrated user interface, merchants can now easily create shipping labels from their GoDaddy accounts and save on shipping with discounted rates from USPS and more than 50 other carriers. Shipping labels are included at no additional cost for GoDaddy customers on the Commerce plans and can be generated within the GoDaddy dashboard.

WooCommerce and DePay partner to bring Web3 payments to merchants. Swiss Web3 payment startup DePay has announced it is joining forces with WooCommerce. The integration enables customers to send payments directly to merchants’ wallets using thousands of accepted tokens on supported blockchains with on-the-fly conversion. DePay uses decentralized finance to enable payment conversions managed by smart contracts, allowing merchants to receive all incoming payments in real time. Tokens are automatically converted as part of the payment transaction.

Screenshot of DePay home page.


Logicbroker announces expanded collaboration with Microsoft. Logicbroker, a cloud-based curated marketplace and automated drop-ship platform provider, announced an expanded collaboration with Microsoft as a co-sell incentivized partner. Logicbroker serves the world’s largest brands and retailers as the only natively built Microsoft Azure cloud server-based API ecommerce platform. The new collaboration will allow Logicbroker to work closely with Azure users to ensure they have access to its suite of business-to-business and direct-to-consumer offerings.

ACI Worldwide and Vendo Services partner to enable merchants to offer cryptocurrency payments globally. ACI Worldwide, a developer of real-time payments software, and Vendo Services, a leading European payment service provider, have announced an extension of their partnership that will enable Vendo Services to offer more than 127 cryptocurrencies to its global merchant customers. Through ACI’s collaboration with RocketFuel Blockchain, a provider of payments for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, Vendo Services will offer cryptocurrency processing for its merchant customers globally. ACI Secure eCommerce offers RocketFuel Blockchain via a single integration, enabling merchants worldwide to accept cryptocurrency payments with no processing fees.

Balance launches a Shopify integration for self-serve payments to B2B merchants. Balance, a player in B2B ecommerce payments, has announced a partnership with Shopify, just months after Shopify announced its new B2B offering in June. Shopify’s goal is to enable an easy-to-use buying experience from a single platform for both consumers and wholesale customers. Balance will make this possible via a B2B-specific payment experience. The Balance app will enable B2B merchants to offer customers the option to defer payment up to 60 days and pay via multiple methods. Balance assumes 100% of the financing risk. Merchants get paid the total amount of the invoice upfront instead of waiting weeks for payment.

Screenshot from the Balance home page.


Airswift launches a cryptocurrency payment gateway. Airswift, a fintech company offering Web 3.0 native payments, has launched Connect. This full-stack payment gateway integrates with merchants’ online stores to accept cryptocurrency worldwide. Connect lets online merchants settle their digital currency assets to Stablecoin or fiat daily while benefiting from lower transaction fees. For fast integration, merchants can use the gateway’s plugin for Shopify or WooCommerce or customize the online checkout using Connect’s API tool. and FedEx partner to enhance the ecommerce experience., which enables brands to sell and fulfill everywhere, and FedEx Dataworks have announced a strategic alliance to enhance the ecommerce experience for merchants and consumers. Together, the companies will leverage data and insights from their networks to address ecommerce challenges, such as optimized omnichannel experiences, enhanced fulfillment insights, frictionless returns management, consumers’ delivery expectations, and more.

Bloomreach integrates with Snapchat Ads. Bloomreach, a commerce experience cloud platform, has announced an integration with Snapchat Ads. The collaboration will allow marketers to drive more efficient ad spending by using customer data and critical segments from Bloomreach Engagement to reach the right shoppers with each ad, ultimately lowering customer acquisition costs. Marketers can automatically sync their Bloomreach Engagement first-party customer data and activate audiences in real-time through the ad platform, as they currently do with Facebook or Google Ads, and use AI predictions to see which audiences are best suited for targeted ads.

Riskified announces integration with SAP Commerce Cloud. Riskified, a fraud-prevention platform, has announced an integration with SAP Commerce Cloud. Riskified partnered with EPAM Systems, a digital transformation and product engineering company, to build the SAP Commerce Cloud connector. A pre-built connector makes integrating with Riskified easier for merchants on SAP Commerce Cloud and reduces costs. The collaboration allows Riskified to support enterprise ecommerce platforms, including Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Adobe Commerce Cloud, Shopify, and VTEX.

Screenshot of the Riskified home page.


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