Ecommerce Product Releases: July 4, 2022

Here is a list of product releases and updates for early July from companies that offer services to online merchants. There are updates on live stream shopping, sales analytics, social commerce, customer feedback, cross-border payments, and more.

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Ecommerce Product Releases

Pinterest introduces Idea ads. Pinterest has launched Idea ads and Idea ads with paid partnership, two ways for brands to reach their audiences. Idea ads are an immersive, multi-page format (with images and videos) for advertisers to showcase ideas in action. Shoppers can visit the brand’s website, get step-by-step breakdowns, view lists of ingredients and materials, and more. Idea ads with paid partnerships offer brands a way to partner with Pinterest creators to tell their stories.

Screenshot of Pinterest Idea ads

Pinterest Idea ads

eBay announces Business Advisor Sweepstakes. eBay has launched a Business Advisor Sweepstakes on its eBay for Business Facebook page. Sellers can access one-on-one coaching with eBay’s in-house advisors. Each Tuesday, eBay asks a question about the businesses of its merchants. Commenters are automatically entered for a chance to win three hour-long sessions with advisors trained to grow eBay sellers’ businesses.

Switcher launches Shopify app for shoppable live streams. Switcher, a content creation and video production software company, has announced the launch of Cartr, a Shopify app that integrates Shopify products with Switcher Studio’s iOS app to create branded shoppable live streams on Facebook. The app allows consumers to add products to their shopping cart by commenting on the live stream. Cartr, a chatbot, will then deploy and request specifics, such as size, color, and quantity.

Amazon launches Store Analytics for brick-and-mortar retail. Amazon has introduced a new analytics service from its physical retail and technology team. Store Analytics provides brands with aggregated and anonymized insights about the performance of their products, promotions, and ad campaigns in Just Walk Out technology and Amazon Dash Cart-enabled Amazon Go and Amazon Fresh stores in the U.S. Additionally, advertisers running in-store campaigns such as digital signage will see associated performance metrics in their ad campaign reports.

Screenshot of Amazon Blog explaining Store Analytics

Amazon Blog – Store Analytics

Searchspring launches Live Indexing for product catalogs. Searchspring, a developer of site search, product merchandising, and ecommerce personalization, has launched Live Indexing to present accurate data to shoppers quickly. Live Indexing automatically changes products’ search results in minutes so merchants can offer the right shoppers the right products at the right time. Product information, including out-of-stocks, pricing, and details such as color and sizing, is kept up-to-date. Searchspring Live Indexing is now available for merchants on the Shopify platform and on additional platforms throughout 2022.

Meta expands tools for creators to earn moneyMeta is expanding the ways creators can receive money on Facebook and Instagram. Facebook Stars (a digital good that fans can buy and send to creators) is now open to all eligible creators on Facebook Live, on-demand videos, and, soon, on Facebook Reels. Meta also announced its first investment in Interoperable Subscriber Groups, a monetization tool enabling creators to receive payments from fans on other platforms and automatically add those fans to subscribers-only Facebook Groups. In addition, creators can soon use the “Paid Partnerships with” label for branded content on Facebook Reels and allow sponsors to convert them to Branded Content Ads.

eBay launches eBay Live for shopping. eBay has launched eBay Live, a dedicated shopping platform that gives consumers a new way to browse and buy products in a live, interactive environment. The new beta technology combines entertainment with instant purchasing on one of the world’s largest marketplaces. The first series of the launch featured a curated selection of rare trading cards from top eBay seller Bleecker Trading, hosted by trading card enthusiast DJ Skee. Enthusiasts could interact with DJ Skee and Bleecker Trading directly in the chat and through reaction buttons, bringing a higher level of entertainment to shopping, with the option to purchase any of the cards directly from the live stream.

Screenshot of web page announcing eBay Live

eBay Live

Citcon and Bold Commerce expand digital wallets for retailers and DTC brands. Citcon, a mobile wallet payment provider enabling global commerce, has announced the integration of its unified payments API into the Bold Commerce headless checkout experience. The combined Citcon and Bold Commerce service will enable retailers and DTC brands to accept and process more than 150 payment methods, including popular digital wallets, local payment products, and credit cards preferred by overseas customers — all through one integration. The Citcon full-stack payments offering encompasses processing and gateway services (as well as reporting and fund settlement).

Meta adopts new Community Feedback Policy. Meta has released a new Community Feedback Policy in the U.S., defining what it allows and prohibits within customer feedback. The new policy ensures that reviews are based on actual purchasing experiences, hopefully preventing irrelevant, fraudulent, and offensive feedback. The Community Standards stem from feedback of people who use Meta products and the advice of technology and public safety practitioners. Also included are policies for businesses on Meta, which may be stricter than the Community Standards.

Linnworks partners with Payoneer to simplify cross-border payments. Linnworks, a U.K.-based ecommerce technology company, has announced a partnership with Payoneer, a global payments provider, to simplify cross-border and B2B transactions. The partnership provides retailers with options to receive funds and make payments with competitive currency conversions within the Linnworks management system. Merchants can reduce cross-border fees and expand their business globally while getting paid locally.

Screenshot of Linnworks home page


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