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Ecommerce Product Releases: June 1, 2017

Here is a list of product releases and updates for late-May from companies that offer services to online merchants. There are updates on shipping solutions, electronic payments, security, voice-activated shopping, and advertising.

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Ecommerce Product Releases

Weebly partners with Google to bring Android Pay to online merchants and mobile shoppers. Weebly, the website and ecommerce service, has announced it will integrate Android Pay into the mobile checkout flow of Weebly online stores. In addition to making Android Pay available on the web, the Payment Request API eliminates checkout forms and provides a mobile optimized user experience that makes paying online easier than ever. To be eligible, merchants need to be connected to Stripe Gateway and customers must have Android Pay set up on their phone.

Weebly. is developing drones that can carry over a ton. One of China’s largest ecommerce sites,, has announced plans to develop drones able to carry a ton or more for long-distance deliveries. The drones will carry consumer products to remote areas and farm produce to cities. is planning a drone delivery network with a 200-mile radius, with air bases throughout the region.

Raise launches new mobile wallet app. Raise, a retail technology partner and marketplace for gift cards, has announced the launch of its new app for iOS and Android mobile devices. With more than 300 retail partners and 3,000 brands available on the marketplace, Raise allows consumers to buy discounted digital gift cards instantly to redeem in-store or online. This mobile wallet app provides a simple way to pay, helping Raise’s nearly 2 million consumers who use the platform to save more money than ever before.

Volusion releases Volusion 2, refocusing on SMB roots. Volusion, an all-in-one website builder for retailers and brands, has unveiled Volusion 2, a new version of its software platform, underscoring the company’s refocus on the needs of small-to-medium-sized businesses by helping them start selling on their websites faster. Storefront editing is now displayed in real time and visible across multiple view-ports for easy changes to any font, text, or product — no code required. Merchants can now host checkout on their own secure domain and URL so shoppers never leave their site. And with more shoppers on mobile than desktop, Volusion 2 is optimized for mobile conversion. At launch, Volusion 2 integrates with Shippo, PayPal, Stripe, and, soon, Zapier, Yopto, Square, Xero, and Amazon.


First Data launches global ecommerce solution for payment facilitators. First Data, a leader in commerce-enabling technology, has announced the availability of the First Data Global PFAC. With this solution, payment facilitators have access to a single integration interface, enabling their merchants to easily authorize transactions in more than 150 currencies worldwide, and settle in 17 currencies.

Iptor announces new voice-activated order management solution. Iptor Supply Chain Systems, a player in supply chain management, planning, and logistics software, has announced a new technology solution, developed with HARMAN, which enables its customers to benefit from cognitive applications and voice recognition technologies. The voice-activated order management solution is a result of a global hackathon between the two companies and is powered by HARMAN’s voice-assisted BOT framework based on the Microsoft stack using the new Iptor aperīo Open API framework.

VoiceLabs gives brands the ability to reach and interact with Amazon Echo consumers, while protecting the consumer experience. VoiceLabs, a player in voice experience analytics, has released Sponsored Messages, enabling brands to reach voice-first consumers in the home and Alexa developers to invest in their applications. Sponsored Messages give brands the ability to learn from consumers what products they prefer in an interactive, real-time, audio format. By creating a new audio format, VoiceLabs believes this will be the first ad format that consumers will understand and accept on voice assistant platforms. Participating brands include Progressive Insurance, ESPN, and Wendy’s.


Payza becomes first payment network to include bitcoin within its e-wallet. Payza, a global payment platform, has announced that it has become the first e-wallet provider to treat bitcoin like any fiat currency. Members can now hold their bitcoins directly in their Payza e-wallets, no longer needing a separate bitcoin wallet to perform bitcoin exchanges to or from fiat currencies. Additionally, Payza members can now instantly send and receive bitcoin to and from other Payza members. The fee to receive Bitcoin is 1.2 percent per transaction.

Autodentity delivers secure multi-factor face authentication for retailers. SensibleVision has launched Autodentity, a simultaneous multi-factor authentication technology that redefines how enterprise users and consumers securely access mobile phones, apps, tablets, and computers. Autodentity empowers retailers to increase security on their sites while simultaneously making authentication nearly invisible to shoppers. Autodentity users simply take a selfie with their computer or mobile device, and every time they log into a site their image is instantly verified. Users then utilize a second authentication factor chosen by the retailer to re-access sites without having to go through a login process.

Descartes acquires ShipRush. Descartes Systems Group, a player in uniting logistics-intensive businesses in commerce, has announced that it has acquired ShipRush, a provider of ecommerce multi-carrier parcel shipping solutions for small-to medium-sized businesses. ShipRush helps ecommerce businesses and omnichannel retailers execute parcel shipments for last-mile delivery to customers.

FedEx partners with BlueSnap to cross more borders (PDF). BlueSnap and FedEx Cross Border have partnered to empower online retailers to expand their businesses across the globe. FedEx Cross Border has partnered with BlueSnap’s Powered Buy Platform to process cross-border sales. BlueSnap is a global payment gateway, allowing merchants to sell around the world, connecting them to more then 20 acquiring banking relationships all through a consolidated API and single underwriting process. BlueSnap also offers a global ecommerce hub so that merchants can integrate to one platform and accept payments for online checkout, invoices, and marketplaces with ease.


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