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20 Free Tutorials to Learn WordPress

WordPress is a free content management system to power a simple blog, complex website, or online store. WordPress also supports an active development community that provides instructional tutorials for users at all levels.

Here is a list of free tutorials to learn WordPress. There are tutorials to get started quickly, comprehensive guides to master WordPress, and advanced articles on specific topics, such as launching an ecommerce site, developing themes and plugins, optimizing a website, and managing multiple sites from one installation.

Free Tutorials to Learn WordPress

WordPress Lessons. The best place to learn about WordPress is Articles for WordPress beginners include New To WordPress — Where to Start and Post Formats. The page also includes advanced development articles, Theme Developer Handbook, and Plugin Developer Handbook.

WordPress Lessons Learn. Here’s a tutorial resource from, the hosted version of the open-source software. Lessons include Get the Most from, Get Going Fast: A Checklist, How to Optimize Your Site, Get a Homepage, and a helpful Get Lingo glossary of terms.

A Beginner’s Guide to Using WordPress. This is a 2-hour video tutorial from Envato Tuts+. Learn to use WordPress from start to finish. Create simple blogs or large, complex websites. Learn how to install WordPress, create pages and posts, work with themes and plugins, and more.

How to Make a WordPress Website. This WordPress-for-beginners tutorial will show you how to create your own WordPress site. Learn how to set up hosting, install WordPress, use a theme, add content, install plugins, and customize the look.

How to Make an Online Store w/ WordPress. In this video tutorial from Udemy, build an ecommerce website from start to finish. Learn how to register a domain name, set up web hosting, install WordPress, add content, and customize the site. This tutorial uses the WooCommerce plugin and the Storefront theme.

Essential WordPress Plugins. This 2-hour video tutorial provides 13 lessons on using the best plugins for backup, security, caching, and search engine optimization. Find out how to make your WordPress site more powerful and secure with a few key plugins.

Screenshot of "Essential WordPress Plugins" for Tutsplus

Essential WordPress Plugins

How to Start an Online Store in 2020. This step-by-step tutorial shows you how to set up your own online store with WordPress in less than 30 minutes. Learn how to register a domain name for free, install WordPress, create a WooCommerce store, customize your theme, add products, extend your store with plugins, and more.

How to speed up and optimise WordPress sites. If a WordPress site uses lots of plugins or the theme is poorly written, page speed performance can be dramatically impacted. Fortunately, many of the issues causing slow load times are addressed in this tutorial.

Ultimate Guide: How to Make a Website in 2020. Here’s a comprehensive step-by-step guide from WPBeginner on how to build a WordPress website for less than $100 without knowing how to code.

How to Create a Landing Page in WordPress. Learn how to create a landing page in WordPress to get people to buy or register for your service. Create a landing page for free by customizing a third-party WordPress theme.

WordPress SEO: the definitive guide. Optimizing your website using the tactics and best practices outlined in this tutorial. By putting the right basic setting in place and applying a few simple techniques, you can improve your rankings, increase your audience, and have a better website.

WordPress SEO: the definitive guide

WordPress SEO: the definitive guide

How to Migrate a WordPress Site. Learn how to migrate a WordPress site to a new hosting provider or from a development site to a live one.

Introduction to WordPress Plugin Development. Learn how plugins work and how to make them. Start with the basics: creating a new plugin, structuring code, and connecting a plugin’s API (application programming interface). Explore the fundamentals and building blocks of plugin development, such as custom content types and taxonomies, and creating widgets and shortcodes.

PHP For WordPress Development. Here is a video course to learn how to use PHP for developing plugins and themes within the WordPress environment. Explore the basic PHP elements commonly used in WordPress, such as conditional statements, loops, functions, and basic PHP syntax. Learn the common PHP elements to get started.

Learn Complete WordPress Security. This 2-hour video course teaches you how to build a secure WordPress site. Learn tips and tricks to project your website from malicious hackers.

How to Install Google Analytics in WordPress for Beginners. Google Analytics is an important resource for making data-driven decisions on your website. Learn how to install Google Analytics and access resources to make the most out of its powerful features.

How to Install Google Analytics in WordPress for Beginners

How to Install Google Analytics in WordPress for Beginners

Best Practices for Managing Your WordPress Site. Once you’ve created and launched a website, begin the ongoing work of managing the site and keeping it up-to-date, relevant, and secure. In this tutorial, learn content, code, performance, backups, and security to manage your site effectively over time.

How to Internationalize Your WordPress Website. Here is a guide to making your WordPress site usable to a worldwide audience. As WordPress becomes accessible in worldwide languages, learn how to open doors to foreign markets.

How to Unpublish Your WordPress Site. Unpublishing your website (but not deleting it) can be useful when you need to make changes or updates.

The Ultimate Guide to WordPress Multisite. Multisite is a feature within WordPress that allows you to run many sites from one WordPress installation. This tutorial explores multisite advantages and disadvantages, as well as examples, available plugins, multisite installation, and help to determine if a multisite is right for you.

The Ultimate Guide to WordPress Multisite

The Ultimate Guide to WordPress Multisite

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