Marketplaces to Buy and Sell Websites

Business broker marketplaces list domains and websites for sale and assist buyers and owners with the process.

Here is a list of marketplaces to buy and sell online businesses. There are tools for valuing a business, due diligence, and financing — and professionals to consult on the details.

Marketplaces to Buy and Sell Sites

Latona’s is a boutique merger-and-acquisition broker specializing in cash-flow-positive digital assets, such as websites, ecommerce (including Amazon FBA and Shopify), membership, lead generation, SaaS, and domain portfolios. Beginning as a domain name broker, Latona’s shifted to web companies in 2008, focusing on properties with an annual profit of at least $20,000 and one year of positive trading.

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FE International provides M&A services for SaaS, ecommerce, and content businesses. It has an extensive global network of 80,000 pre-qualified technology investors and has completed over 1,500 transactions. FE International provides help throughout a transaction, from exit planning to valuation, negotiations, due diligence, accounting, legal structuring, post-sale considerations, and more.

BizBroker24 sells websites and internet businesses with valuations between $150,000 and $20 million. A registered broker-dealer, BizBroker24 assists buyers with the entire acquisition and capital-raising process and provides educational resources on financing, due diligence, business valuation, market trends, and more. For sellers, BizBroker24 consults on valuation, assembles a marketing plan to attract qualified buyers, and helps negotiate the price and terms.

Flippa, headquartered in Melbourne and Austin, is a global marketplace for buying and selling online businesses and digital assets, including ecommerce stores, blogs, SaaS companies, mobile apps, social media accounts, and newsletters. Flippa offers an in-depth due diligence service and access to third-party brokers and financing providers. The free valuation tool estimates a business’s worth.

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OpenStore is a site for qualified Shopify store owners to sell their businesses. To receive an offer, owners can link to their Shopify store, add financials, and connect advertising accounts. A separate OpenStore service accepts Shopify businesses for 12 months and pays the owners guaranteed monthly payments. OpenStore was co-founded by startup veterans from Opendoor, Atomic, and Google.

Empire Flippers is a marketplace for buying and selling web businesses. The platform vets all sellers, examining the site’s history of earnings and traffic. Sellers must have at least $2,000 monthly profit over a 12-month average. It typically lists a website by taking the average net profit of the last six to 12 months and multiplying that amount by 20 to 60. Empire Flippers has sold over 2,250 businesses with a total value of over $480 million.

Quiet Light facilitates the buying and selling of profitable online businesses. Potential sellers receive a free valuation from analysts with firsthand experience in starting, buying, and selling internet-based businesses. Quiet Light has sold over 750 online businesses for over $500 million in total transaction value, with prices from $65,000 to $13.5 million.

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Quiet Light

Website Properties sells established websites and other digitally native or tech-enabled businesses. The brokerage’s partners have collectively started, developed, operated, and sold over 50 internet-based businesses. Website Properties sends listings to a private list of 30,000 qualified buyers and utilizes a network of partner and portal sites, including over 50 business-for-sale sites, newspapers, and U.S. business journals.

Website Closers is a brokerage for digital businesses, including marketing agencies, Amazon FBA, SaaS, and ecommerce. The company’s entire go-to-market process takes less than a week. Website Closers has sold more than 2,300 businesses, facilitating $2.2 billion in transactions.

Sedo (“Search Engine for Domain Offers”) is a platform for the professional trading of domain names. Its brokers help find domains and its searchable marketplace contains over 24 million domains for sale. Sedo has over 3 million registered customers.

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BuySellEmpire is a marketplace for buying and selling internet businesses, including ecommerce stores, Amazon sellers, affiliate sites, agencies, SaaS memberships, display advertisers, lead generators, blogs, marketplaces, and Chrome extensions. Businesses must have $1,500 in monthly revenue and one year of verifiable income and traffic. Fees for completing a sale are as low as 4%, depending on the transaction.

Business Exits specializes in selling companies with revenue of $2 million to $60 million, including ecommerce, IT services, agencies, and software. Business Exits says it has a 91% success rate of selling within six months and facilitated $315 million in transaction volume in 2022.

Niche Investor (formerly ​​ sells content sites, ecommerce businesses, and niche digital assets. Owners can sell directly to Niche Investor or list on its marketplace, which contains over 60 businesses, priced from $599 to $799,000, at the time of writing. Sales fees start at 7%. is a startup acquisition marketplace connecting buyers and sellers and providing acquisition support, from legal documentation to due diligence. Sellers pay nothing to list a business and a 4% fee only if sold.

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