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17 Product Demo Videos, for Inspiration

A demonstration video introduces a product or service to viewers. There are many types of product videos, but the good ones share traits. They’re simple and concise. They tell a story that involves a problem. And they relate to viewers through emotion, honesty, and often humor.

Here is a list of compelling product demo videos, both live-action and animated.

Vat19: The World’s Largest Gummy Worm

Screenshot of YouTube video: Vat19 - The World's Largest Gummy Worm.

Vat19: The World’s Largest Gummy Worm

Vat19 is the online shop for “curiously awesome gifts.” It’s also one of the best places to find entertaining product videos. Vat19 has produced hundreds of videos, nearly all with view counts in the millions. This one is for a 2.5-foot, 3-pound, giant gummy worm. The wacky video opens as a comedy sketch, then lists the product’s features and outlines how to use (and not use) the worm. Vat19 videos are pure infotainment. If the product is absurd, its video should be as well. Length: 2:10.

Apple: Apple’s big news in 108 seconds

Screenshot of YouTube video: Apple's big news in 108 seconds.

Apple: iPhone XS

This video delivers the big news from Apple’s big event introducing iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, and the iWatch Series 4. The video blazes through an abundance of product info, demonstrating the power of words-on-screen visuals combined with a barrage of images. As Apple shows, a product video does not necessarily need spoken word. If you’re trying to convey a lot of info, voice-over might slow down the message. Length: 1:55.

Raspberry Pi: Introducing Pi Zero: the original $5 computer

Screenshot of YouTube video: Introducing Pi Zero - the original $5 computer.

Raspberry Pi: Pi Zero

In this product launch video for Raspberry Pi, Eben Upton explains why he started the low-cost hobby-computer company, as he holds the computers that he purchased as a kid. This simple single-shot video shows how effective a personal, honest story can be, especially when it relates to the origin of a company or product. Length: 2:44.

Peloton: An Inside Look at the Peloton Bike

Screenshot of YouTube video: An Inside Look at the Peloton Bike.

Peloton Bike

This demo video for Peloton starts as an origin story, describing the inspiration of the idea, the design of the object, and the experience. It then identifies the problem — boutique fitness can be inconvenient — and presents Peloton as the answer. The video conveys Peloton’s world, from product close-ups to high-tech production mechanics to a collective social experience. The video’s length is longer than most but conveys an in-depth scope. Length: 2:50.

Ring Door View Cam: A New Point of View

Screenshot of YouTube video: Ring Door View Cam - A New Point of View.

Ring Door View Cam

This Ring Door View Cam video starts and ends with an image of the Ring device, and in between includes a montage of use cases. There’s no voice-over. The viewer watches the product and owners in action, showing (not telling) various benefits through the quick scenarios — from getting welcomed deliveries to scaring off a burglar to speaking to your mom. Length: 0:56.

Tasty: The Tasty App Just Got Better: Shop Recipes Instantly!

Screenshot of YouTube video: The Tasty App Just Got Better: Shop Recipes Instantly.

The Tasty iOS App via Walmart Grocery Pickup

Tasty is a food app with step-by-step cooking instructions. In this video, Tasty shows how to use its new feature to shop ingredients via Walmart Grocery Pickup. As with its recipe videos, the video uses a simple step-by-step story with a pair of hands and narrative voice-over to demonstrate the product and its features. Length: 0:55.

Headspace: Say Hello to Headspace

Screenshot of YouTube video: Say hello to Headspace.


This entertaining animated video explains the benefits of meditation and Headspace’s guided version. Various cute, colorful characters use Headspace’s meditations for various purposes, with an assortment of settings. Not only is it fun to watch, but it also reveals the users’ diversity. Length: 1:26.

Zoom Meetings

Screenshot of YouTube video: Zoom Meetings.

Zoom Meetings

This product video from Zoom doesn’t bog down viewers with every feature of its product. Instead, the video shows typical office users in action, highlighting features and moving through a product scenario with a helpful voice-over, displaying just enough to capture the imagination of a viewer. Sometimes too much information dilutes the power of a single message. Length: 0:45.

Dollar Shave Club: Our Blades Are F***ing Great

Screenshot of YouTube video: - Our Blades Are F***ing Great.

Dollar Shave Club

Mike, the founder of Dollar Shave Club, explains the service in a single line, “For a dollar a month, we send high-quality razors right to your door.” But he doesn’t stop there. For the next minute and a half, he explains all the colorful ways “our blades are f***ing great.” It’s important to be concise with online product videos, but it’s even more important to be entertaining, as evidenced by the video’s 27 million views. Length: 1:33.

NoseFrida: The Snotsucker

Screenshot of YouTube video: NoseFrida the Snotsucker.

NoseFrida the Snotsucker

NoseFrida is a product for sucking snot out of a baby’s nose. Anyone with a baby knows that those old bulb syringes are useless. However, the idea of sucking snot out of your baby’s nose doesn’t seem right. Rather than tip-toeing around it, NoseFrida addresses the issue head-on, “Breath easy. We know what you’re thinking.” The demo reveals the hygienic design of the product, along with easy cleaning and maintenance. Length: 1:37.

Slack: You’ve Probably Heard of Slack

Screenshot of YouTube video: You've Probably Heard of Slack.


This bright and upbeat demo video on Slack is meant to dispel a common misconception that it’s just a place to chat. Contrary to its name, the product is a feature-rich productivity hub for professional teams. The message is delivered through a dialogue between the narrator and the main character, Brianna (“your friend from soccer practice”), who loves Slack and uses it for everything at work. This video is feature-heavy, but that’s intentional. It demonstrates how the platform works for companies and the full extent of Slack, which can keep track of everything at work, along with the many solutions it provides. Slack is an upbeat, proactive tool, even when you don’t know how to solve a problem. Length: 1:58.

Google Translate: Introducing Tap to Translate

Screenshot of YouTube video: Introducing Tap to Translate.

Google Tap to Translate

This video for Google’s “Tap to Translate” feature is an excellent example of an animated demonstration with a narrative voice-over. First, it lays out the universal hassle of copying and pasting text to translate, stating, “We’ve all been there.” The demo explores the convenience of in-app translating, featuring an example using WhatsApp. It closes with a recap of the message: “Tap to Translate. Get it with the new Google Translate app for your Android phone.” Length: 1:22.

IKEA: Say Hej to IKEA Place

Screenshot of YouTube video: Say Hej to IKEA Place.

IKEA Place

This product video opens with a straightforward message, “IKEA would like everyone to know about Place, our new augmented reality app.” From the user’s point of view, the video demonstrates how the app works and then shows some of the problems the app solves when furnishing your home. Length: 0:58.

Western Union: U.S. Mobile Bill Payments

Screenshot of YouTube video: Western Union U.S Mobile Bill Payments.

Western Union U.S Mobile Bill Payments

This animated video from Western Union presents mobile payment options for businesses as animated characters make payments in different scenarios. What is exceptional about the video is its consistent brand design and color — Western Union’s iconic yellow and black accents. While all the other information is delivered, the color never lets you forget this is Western Union. Length: 1:37.

Duolingo: The Best Way to Learn a Language

Screenshot of YouTube video - Duolingo: The Best Way to Learn a Language.


Duolingo’s product video starts with “Everybody agrees, Duolingo is a great way to learn a language” with words-on-screen endorsements by The Wall Street Journal and PC Magazine. In addition to describing how Duolingo works, the video provides third-party data on the app’s effectiveness. It’s a reminder that expert endorsements are extremely persuasive. Length: 0:42.

SurveyMonkey: Introducing the new SurveyMonkey

Screenshot of YouTube video: Introducing the new SurveyMonkey.


SurveyMonkey’s video walks through the product’s interface, features, use, and benefits with visuals and upbeat music. No need for voice-over in this fast-paced demo. It opens with an intro message on the reason for the platform, with a quick endorsement from companies that use it. Then at about 30 seconds in, it shows us how easy it is to create and send a survey, along with the results and integrations. The video closes with a quick recap of the message and logo. Length: 1:54.

Solo Stove Bonfire: The World’s Most Unique Fire Pit

Screenshot of YouTube video: Solo Stove Bonfire - The World's Most Unique Fire Pit.

Solo Stove Bonfire

This video for Solo Stove Bonfire shows the development of the unique firepit and highlights its sleek, efficient design and quality. The video features a passionate community of Solo Stove users while appealing to the benefits of gathering around a campfire. The video images follow the simple scripted story delivered by narrative voice-over. Length: 2:07.

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