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Resolve in 2021 to Drive More Conversions

Consumer shopping habits changed drastically in 2020. Ecommerce sites experienced dramatic growth.

Resolve in 2021 to capitalize on that momentum and convert more visitors. Here are three tips to help.

3 Conversion Tips

Welcome shoppers based on the referring website. Display welcome messages to new and existing shoppers based on the referring site. For example, if somebody lands on your site from clicking a link on a blog or social network, you could display:

  • Hello, Forbes reader! Check out our latest deals here.
  • Hi, quilt lover! Click here to claim your exclusive coupon.

This helps personalize the experience before you know anything about the visitor. Keep the message short and simple, and avoid giving the impression you’re invading one’s privacy or collecting too much data.

The HTTP referrer discloses the link to the visitor’s previous page. Apply conditional logic to customize the welcome message.

Also, consider unique welcome messages to people who click links from your marketing emails.

Ramp-up sharing tools. Word-of-mouth advertising remains powerful. And many of today’s consumers are all about sharing their finds with others. Consider incorporating on product pages the ability to text or email links to someone.

Determine the social networks most appreciated by your target audience. This is not necessarily Facebook and Twitter. Preferred networks should be displayed before others, especially when using scripts that showcase the first three services with a link to more.

With the proliferation of mobile devices, use sharing scripts that support multiple networks. The best scripts will launch installed apps, which provide a better experience.

Sharing icons should not disrupt the path to purchase. They also shouldn’t demote the primary call-to-action: the add-to-cart button. For example, Poo-Pourri places share icons before the purchase button but on the same line as the item’s rating. It’s an ideal placement for the page’s design.

Screenshot of Poo-Pourri's product page on desktop and mobile.

Poo-Pourri’s product page on desktop (left) and mobile.

Another primary location for sharing icons is the thank you page. Encouraging customers to share their latest purchase or the website itself can be effective, especially if you offer a coupon or sweepstakes entry in return.

Add “sustainability” to your mission statement. According to the Harvard Business Review, 65 percent of shoppers want to purchase from brands that advocate sustainability. Green consumerism is on the rise. Products produced in eco-friendly ways are becoming more popular.

Communicate to shoppers your company’s environmental efforts, such as:

  • Eco-friendly shipping supplies. If you use recycled packing materials, hype it on the website. Give customers the option to rely only on emailed receipts. Or, ditch packing slips altogether and print order numbers right on the shipping label.
  • Energy consumption. Reference videos or articles that explain how your business is part of a solution.
  • Tips for recycling or repurposing shipping materials or product packaging.
  • Mentions of suppliers that practice sustainability.

Include a link to critical content in the site’s navigation or footer. And display a “green” icon or text beside suitable products.

Beyond Price

You can encourage sales by implementing simple tools:

  • Welcome visitors based on where they came from by displaying a custom message.
  • Encourage sharing across social networks and via email.
  • Inform shoppers about your company’s environmental efforts.

Conversion-boosting goes beyond price and easy returns. It’s also about personalized experiences and supporting causes most people care about.

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