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Add sizzling website content to your online store, fast and easy

When it comes to providing a rich experience to entice your customers to buy, “Content is King.” Your customers need to smell the sizzle along with the steak. This means first and foremost some dynamite product descriptions. But to get people to your product descriptions, you also need good supporting content pages. If you sell steaks, giving away steak recipes and links to additional cooking resources will pull in a far larger crowd than simply saying “steaks for sale.”

Once you have good content, you can use your ecommerce program’s “articles cross-sell” feature, linking a related product to the end of an article while the customer’s mouth is still watering. Both Loaded Commerce (formerly CRE Loaded) and osCMax 2.5 include this feature; if you use a different ecommerce program like osCommerce, ZenCart or Magento, it is available as an add-on. But how to get that good content on a shoestring?

Freelance website content writers add sizzle to your site

You probably know exactly what you need to do, but like many small merchants trying to do it all, you get writer’s block when it comes to writing your own website content. You know your steaks sizzle, but how to tell the world? Your website and sales suffer.

Hiring a freelance online content writer is the practical solution to your writer’s block. It’s easier than ever before to find native speakers who can crank out good website content at a rate that will take your breath away. You are the product expert so you will still probably need to edit or add some details, but your writer’s block will be gone and you will know exactly what it needs to say.

Where to get freelance website content writers

Here are some of the top sites to hire website content writers: offers plain text short articles (no formatting or links) from 150 to 700 words for as little as a penny per word, though paying more results in a faster and likely better article. You specify the article length, style, and purpose and can optionally select a specific writer, top writers, or all writers. One writer at a time accepts, and then writes the article. You pay only when you approve an article, and the price includes Copyscape quality checks to be sure that the articles you receive are unique. If you do not like the article you simply reject it, and the project is automatically re-listed for a new writer. Two to four day turnaround.
Odesk is one of the largest all-purpose freelancer websites. Simply describe your project and post the job as hourly or flat-rate, and writers immediately submit bids. You review the work history and ratings of other employers and select the writer of your choice. If you choose hourly pay, Odesk takes a screenshot of the writer’s desktop approximately every ten minutes so you can see your article’s progress.
Freelance Job Openings accepts free ads for writers, and then syndicates them or publishes them to many other freelancer websites including, and This site also aggregate writer job postings from many freelance writer websites including, Craigslist, and

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Comments ( 2 )

  1. tom January 30, 2012 Reply

    iWriter is a great service – and have experienced turn around times in hours (as in 3-5) when I’ve used it.

  2. Alok Chowdhury May 28, 2012 Reply

    Great article Kerry! The services you mentioned are great for getting content out fast and easy. However, one thing you have to remember is you get what you pay for when it comes to content. If you’re basing your choice on price alone, often, you will end up with a sub-par writer for whom English isn’t the first language. In many cases, you will be spending more time going back and forth in editing these posts…

    Also, as many of the freelancers on these platforms possibly located in countries like India and Phillipines, communicating with these writers can be extremely difficult due to time zone constrictions. There are some quality writers out there, but searching though the weeds can be extremely frustrating in my opinion.

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