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10 Brand Campaigns on Twitter

Twitter is about what’s happening right now. For companies, Twitter can be an effective platform to reach and to interact with an audience.

Here is a list of brand campaigns on Twitter. Some of these campaigns use Twitter to deliver rewards to customers. Other campaigns use Twitter to communicate with fans and followers. Several campaigns have interactive competitions to create buzz with users.

The companies explain the campaigns on YouTube videos, which we’ve embedded below.

American Express

American Express launched a Twitter campaign using hashtags as an innovative way for consumers to redeem rewards. Members synced their Amex cards with their Twitter account. Members can watch for special offer hashtags, such as #AMEXTENNIS or #AMERCOFFEE. Then tweeted the hashtags to have the offers loaded onto the card, applied as statement credits.


Coca-Cola used Twitter to create personalized confetti for an Argentinean soccer game. Through a designated hashtag, followers tweeted their support for the soccer team. Each tweet was printed on confetti. Finally the two million “papertweetos” were launched as confetti over the stadium crowd. The greater number of follower tweets, the more confetti was launched.

Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s launched a Twitter application that converted unused spaces in tweets (140 characters max), filling them with a message promoting World Fair Trade Day. Each “fair tweet” also included a link to an article promoting the fair trade movement. As an example, the tweet “sitting on my sofa watching TV” was filled with this fair trade text, “I’m sharing my unused Twitter characters to raise awareness for #FairTrade. #FairTweets”.


To promote its new game “Scrabble Trickster,” Scrabble created a TwitterScrabble. Gamers tried to compose the highest scoring Scrabbletweet with a set of one hundred random characters. Every day, the highest score won a free Scrabble Trickster game.


During the holidays, Mercedes-Benz launched a Twitter campaign to promote its vehicles’ active park-assist, which recognizes empty parking space simply by passing them. A “Tweet Fleet” was launched to tweet the location of empty parking spaces to city drivers. Drivers could find empty parking spaces on Twitter and could even be navigated to them.

Previously Mercedes-Benz ran the popular Tweet Race, which featured teams of drivers racing across the country in cars fueled by tweets.


As a soccer tournament sponsor, Powerade decided to show digitally how a soccer match would look using only tweets. A website was launched, turning the related tweets about the cup into infographic data and into a visual feed of the real match activity minute by minute. Users could share detailed graphics at the end of each match and request the most tweeted words by each national team.


To promote KLM Royal Dutch Airlines’ “live reply” customer service, which answers every customer Twitter tweet and Facebook post, the airline created a live response made up of 140 KLM employees.

Previously KLM used Twitter as a way of rewarding passengers with surprises.


Turkcell was launching new smart phones bundled with mobile Internet and wanted to create awareness among the heavy Internet users. It created a live competition with a gift box covered in Post-it notes. Using a live video feed, the Twitter crowd unpacked the box by tweeting what was written on the Post-its using the hashtag #turkcelltweet. The crowd also played a variety of live games, with the winners receiving minutes and mobile data packages.


Volkswagen decided to sponsor the Planeta Terra music festival in São Paulo to bring its trendy car, the Fox, closer to the city’s youth. First, it spread a series of tickets in different places within São Paulo. Then, it launched an online platform where visitors could see the Google Maps of the entire city. The more tweets on #foxatplanetaterra, the closer the zoom on the map. The first one to get to the ticket, won it. The tweet #foxatplanetaterra became a trend topic in São Paulo in less than two hours, where it remained for the entire four days of the competition.

Orange UK

The Orange phone company used Twitter for an innovative campaign to spread winter cheer. Participants tweeted a friend’s name or Twitter name to #WinterWarmer. Orange then got the addresses of those selected and delivered a van full of hot chocolates and scarves.

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