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12 New Ecommerce Books for Summer 2014

Summer is the time to check out new ecommerce books. Here is a list of new ecommerce and Internet-marketing books for summer 2014. There are new titles on social media and content marketing, launching and selling a business, raising capital, partnership strategies, and digital currency.

I compiled this list using Amazon. From Amazon’s “Books” category, I selected “Business & Money.” From there I chose the “Industries & Professions” sub-category and selected “E-commerce.” Then I handpicked titles from that group, based on customer ratings and relation to ecommerce. In addition, I selected a few titles from the “Small Business & Entrepreneurship” sub-category.

New Ecommerce Books

From Search to Social: Marketing to the Connected Consumer by Mike Grehan

From Search to Social book

From Search to Social

From Search to Social presents social search strategies designed to integrate with traditional marketing methods to target today’s connected media consumer. Get practical advice on social network analysis, the emergence of social search, and consumer connectivity. Hardcover $16.96.

Create Your Own Online Store in a Weekend by Alannah Moore

Create Your Own Online Store in a Weekend book

Create Your Own Online Store in a Weekend

Alannah Moore guides entrepreneurs through the process of setting up an online business and creating a website that fits both their products and their budget. This primer provides detailed information on how to set up and provide content for your site as well as the right storefront and payment solutions. Explore tactics for running an online business, including marketing, order management, and boosting sales. Whether you are selling goods, services, or downloadable files, find the ecommerce solution that’s right for you. Paperback $18.71.

Bitcoin: And the Future of Money by Jose Pagliery

Bitcoin: And the Future of Money book

Bitcoin: And the Future of Money

CNNMoney reporter Jose Pagliery explores Bitcoin, the world’s dominant digital currency. Bitcoin can be traded without the fees, government regulation, and bank oversight of paper money. But Bitcoin is also risky. More than $400 billion of it disappeared with the fall of a single trading exchange. Learn how Bitcoin works and why it matters. Paperback $11.36.

The Risk-Driven Business Model: Four Questions That Will Define Your Company by Karan Girotra, Serguei Netessine

The Risk-Driven Business Model book

The Risk-Driven Business Model

The Risk-Driven Business Model will help you manage risk better by showing how the key choices you make in designing your business models either increase or reduce two characteristic types of risk: information risk and incentive-alignment risk. Learn how the structure of your business model affects risk, and acquire the power to create and shape your business success. Kindle $14.99; Hardcover $19.36.

Launch by Jeff Walker

Launch book


The start of every business is critically important. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs put all their focus into “getting the doors open,” without giving much thought to creating a great launch. Whether your business sells products or services, or whether you’re still in the planning phase and haven’t quite started yet, this is your owner’s manual on how to start. Kindle $7.69; Paperback $13.81; Hardcover $27.41.

Venture Capital: How to Raise Funds for Your Business by Kaiwen Leong, Wenyou Tan, Elaine Leong

Venture Capital book

Venture Capital

Apart from showing you how to succeed, this book will also reveal true stories of how entrepreneurs have failed. Follow the correct strategies and avoid the pitfalls. Venture Capital brings you into the mindset of a successful venture capitalist, shaping your experience with notes from industry insiders. Paperback $25.20.

Global Content Marketing by Pam Didner

Global Content Marketing book

Global Content Marketing

Pam Didner is a global integrated marketing manager for Intel, as well as a professional business speaker and guest blogger for BtoB magazine and The Huffington Post. She is an expert at customizing enterprise marketing best practices for small and medium-sized companies. In Global Content Marketing, she teaches you how to create great content, reach more customers, and build a worldwide marketing strategy that works. Paperback $14.86.

Pitching & Closing by Alexander Taub, Ellen DaSilva

Pitching & Closing book

Pitching & Closing

Written by the co-founder of SocialRank (the Twitter-user analysis platform) and a senior analyst for Twitter, Pitching & Closing gives you concrete action steps for entrepreneurs to develop the partnership strategies that will quickly add value to any company. This guide walks you through forging relationships, pitching a company’s product, building a network, sourcing deals, making rejection positive, and staying cool while closing large deals. Hardcover $19.11; MP3 CD $10.11.

Everyday Entrepreneurs by Ken Horn

Everyday Entrepreneurs book

Everyday Entrepreneurs

This book is a practical insider’s guide to starting a great business that thrives, without needing the “next big thing” or having to take over the world. Everyday Entrepreneurs focuses on how to tap existing markets for small businesses, outlining the essentials necessary to get up and running, revealing the steps that are too often missed. Paperback $11.25.

WordPress SEO Success by Jacob Aull

WordPress SEO Success book

WordPress SEO Success

Written for WordPress users, this guide covers built-in WordPress capabilities, third-party plugins, well-integrated web resources, and more. Whether you manage a large-scale site or a personal blog, get help integrating search engine optimization into all you do. Build a complete SEO strategy and a content plan that aligns with it. Kindle $20.68; Paperback $21.77.

All In Startup: Launching a New Idea When Everything Is on the Line by Diana Kander

All In Startup book

All In Startup

All In Startup is actually a novel. It’s written for entrepreneurs who are thinking about launching a new idea or for those who have already started but can’t seem to generate the traction they were expecting. The book seeks to prepare readers for the “all in” entrepreneurial moment, pushing chips into the middle only when the odds are favorable. Kindle $11.99; Hardcover $18.58.

Walk Away Wealthy: The Entrepreneur’s Exit-Planning Playbook by Mark Tepper

Walk Away Wealthy book

Walk Away Wealthy

Many entrepreneurs have a plan for starting a business, but not a clear idea on how to exit their business. Walk Away Wealthy shows you how to build a strong exit plan as it reveals what many people don’t know or refuse to believe about the process of planning their exit. The book also delivers advice for those who have waited too long and feel lost in the face of a rapidly approaching sale. Hardcover $17.94.

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