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13 New Ecommerce Books for Spring 2022

Here’s a batch of new ecommerce books for spring. There are titles on analytics, business disruption, international commerce, breakthrough design, startup success, podcasting, direct-to-consumer brands, and the metaverse.

I compiled this list using Amazon. From Amazon’s “Books” category, I selected “Business & Money.” From there, I chose the “Processes & Infrastructure” sub-category and selected “E-commerce.” Then I handpicked titles from that group based on customer ratings and relation to ecommerce. I also picked a few titles from the “Business Development & Entrepreneurship” sub-category.

New Ecommerce Books

Emotion By Design: Creative Leadership Lessons from a Life at Nike by Greg Hoffman

Screenshot of Emotion By Design book.

Emotion By Design

“Emotion By Design,” by former Nike Chief Marketing Officer Greg Hoffman, shares lessons and stories on the power of creativity, taken from nearly three decades with the company. Learn to unlock the creativity within a brand to develop stronger emotional bonds with consumers using three simple principles: creativity is a team sport, dare to be remembered, and leave a legacy, not just a memory. Hardcover $30.00; Kindle $16.99.

Analytics for Retail: A Step-by-Step Guide to the Statistics Behind a Successful Retail Business by Rhoda Okunev

Screenshot of Analytics for Retail book.

Analytics for Retail

“Analytics for Retail” is a primer on the basic mathematics, probability, and statistics required to analyze big data. Follow this guide to manage the mechanics of markups, markdowns, basic statistics, math, and computers. Use applied mathematics to build a retail business and master decision-making and communication in a retail business environment. Paperback $37.99.

Burn Rate: Launching a Startup and Losing My Mind by Andy Dunn

Screenshot of Burn Rate book.

Burn Rate

“Burn Rate” is a memoir by Andy Dunn, the co-founder of the successful direct-to-consumer menswear brand Bonobos, which details his struggle with bipolar disorder through his entrepreneurial journey. Dunn opens up about the dark side of his success and creativity and disorder in the startup community. Hardcover $28.00; Kindle $13.99.

How to Start & Grow a Successful Podcast: Tips, Techniques and True Stories from Podcasting Pioneers by Gilly Smith

Screenshot of How to Start & Grow a Successful Podcast book.

How to Start & Grow a Successful Podcast

“How to Start & Grow a Successful Podcast” is a practical step-by-step guide to building a podcast from scratch with tips, techniques, and stories from podcasting pioneers, by expert and early adopter Gilly Smith. Learn to recognize your audience, decide on the format and structures of your show, master production techniques, and decide on a release and distribution plan. Paperback $21.99; Kindle $8.99.

See, Solve, Scale: How Anyone Can Turn an Unsolved Problem into a Breakthrough Success by Danny Warshay

Screenshot of See, Solve, Scale book.

See, Solve, Scale

“See, Solve, Scale,” by the creator of Brown University’s renowned Entrepreneurial Process course, shares the same tools with aspiring entrepreneurs. Follow the forming of a successful startup team through three steps: find and validate a problem, develop an initial small-scale solution, and scale a long-term solution. Review the 11 common errors of judgment that entrepreneurs make when they rely on their intuition and find out how to avoid them. Hardcover $26.09; Kindle $14.99.

Event Success: Maximizing the Business Impact of In-person, Virtual, and Hybrid Experiences by Alon Alroy, Eran Ben-Shushan, and Boaz Katz

Event Success book.

Event Success

“Event Success” will help readers unlock the full potential of their organization’s events, whether the events are physical, virtual, or hybrid. Learn to create elevated experiences and drive strategic goals, measure event success, integrate an end-to-end marketing plan, create buzz, and more. Hardcover $22.49; Kindle $18.00.

The Direct to Consumer Playbook: The Stories and Strategies of the Brands that Wrote the DTC Rules by Mike Stevens

Screenshot of The Direct To Consumer Playbook book.

The Direct to Consumer Playbook

“The Direct to Consumer Playbook” explores how brands can find success by selling directly to consumers through ecommerce. From the stories of pioneering DTC brands that got it right, learn how to navigate funding and growth, use data, and build a community for a bulletproof brand. Paperback $27.99; Kindle $22.39.

Make Money While You Sleep by Lucy Griffiths

Screenshot of Make Money While You Sleep book.

Make Money While You Sleep

“Make Money While You Sleep” teaches readers how to create a passive income business that works 24 hours a day. Learn the process of course creation from start to finish. Find out how to position yourself as an expert and turn your ideas into a bestselling brand. Paperback $19.99; Kindle $8.99.

The Metaverse Handbook: Innovating for the Internet’s Next Tectonic Shift by QuHarrison Terry, and Scott “DJ Skee” Keeney

Screenshot of The Metaverse Handbook book.

The Metaverse Handbook

“The Metaverse Handbook” is for creative professionals seeking to understand and utilize the emerging changes of the web in their business ventures. Highlighting more than 120 creators who have built digital tools, this guide explores innovations in digital commerce, digital communities, and digital consumer experiences. Hardcover $28.00.

Ecommerce Reimagined: Retail and Ecommerce in China by Sharon Gai

Screenshot of Ecommerce Reimagined book.

Ecommerce Reimagined

“Ecommerce Reimagined” is a practical guide to Chinese ecommerce markets, written by a director of Alibaba. Entrepreneurs and businesses hoping to tap into China’s $5.6 trillion retail market can learn how ecommerce has transformed the Chinese retail space. Hardcover $49.99.

The Automatic Marketing Machine by RJon Robins and Danny Decker

Screenshot of The Automatic Marketing Machine book.

The Automatic Marketing Machine

“The Automatic Marketing Machine” provides step-by-step instructions, case studies, tools, and resources to help you build an automated system for generating clients and customers. Learn to filter out the “wrong” prospects and make your automated system for a steady stream of highly-qualified candidates coming to your door. Hardcover $24.99.

The Future of Shopping by Jorg Snoeck and Pauline Neerman

Screenshot of The Future of Shopping book.

The Future of Shopping

“The Future of Shopping” offers a look into the trends and evolutions of online retail, provides insights into catalysts, and lays out a framework for adapting your brand to the consumer of today and tomorrow. This updated edition explores a new perspective on globalization and the pressing questions of what brands and merchants must do to survive in this new retail landscape. Hardcover $40.00.

Breakthrough Startups: Crush The Competition With Your Innovative Startup by Jonathan S. Walker

Screenshot of Breakthrough Startups book.

Breakthrough Startups

“Breakthrough Startups” is a guide for creating traction for a business to attract investors and gain an edge over the competition. Learn why traction is crucial for business survival, and get proven marketing strategies to get a business off the ground. Review the strengths of digital marketing strategies and the common mistakes to avoid when running a startup. Paperback $13.99.

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