14 A.I.-powered Apps for Personalization, Higher Conversions

Robust A.I.-powered apps can integrate with ecommerce platforms and personalize interactions with shoppers based on their activity and interaction. Choice AI, for example, displays personalized onsite promotions.

Robust A.I.-powered apps can integrate with ecommerce platforms and personalize interactions with shoppers based on their activity and interaction. Choice AI, for example, displays personalized onsite promotions.

Artificial intelligence is the process of machines learning from experience and adjusting to new inputs. It enables computers to perform human-like tasks.

Artificial intelligence can provide a competitive advantage to a merchant. Leading ecommerce platforms integrate with many third-party apps that use artificial intelligence. Thus merchants using these platforms can benefit from A.I. without requiring a significant investment of time and money.

In this post, I will list a variety of third-party, A.I.-driven apps for Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce.


Shopify’s App Store offers many A.I.-driven apps. Some of the popular ones are below.

Choice AI provides artificial-intelligence-based personalization for banners, page content, and product displays. It works on desktop and mobile devices — without any coding. It is free for ecommerce stores with less than 500 monthly users.

Zen.AI offers A.I.-based product recommendations that can be displayed on any page on the site. The cost is  5 percent of Zen.AI-driven sales.

SearchIQ enables real-time search as the user is entering the search term. It uses A.I. to correct typos, find synonyms, and conduct fuzzy search (i.e., relevant, non-exact search results), among other features. It also comes with an analytics dashboard to understand users’ search intent, to update content accordingly.

Chatkit utilizes A.I. for conversational marketing. Chatkit automatically communicates with consumers throughout their purchase journey by sending welcome messages, product recommendations, and abandoned cart notifications — all at the appropriate time.

Triggmine is A.I.-based email marketing that analyzes data from an online store by tracking a visitor’s activity and then delivering a personalized email sequence. Triggmine includes email templates to help a merchant get started.


Magento Marketplace offers many A.I.-powered apps, including a few on Shopify’s App Store. Here is a list of additional apps that utilize A.I.

Chloe responds to voice commands to help consumers with the shopping process. It can answer questions, find the right products and services, and even place an order. The app offers paid monthly technical support.

Personali utilizes A.I. to understand customer behavioral economics and target shoppers with personalized incentives, which can lead to more conversions. The app is bundled with professional services to make it easy to deploy and manage.

Valkyrie AI is multichannel inventory control and shipping software for online sellers. Using Valkyrie AI, merchants can automate and streamline inventory management, order management, drop shipping, and various other back-end processes. The app provides email support for questions.

Personalization Inc. provides real-time, A.I.-powered personalization for product recommendations based on what visitors have viewed and purchased. The personalization can be done on web pages or in emails. The app offers email support.

Retention Science Cortex helps with intelligent marketing. It offers self-correcting subject lines and email templates that eliminate the need for manual A/B testing. It also includes A.I.-driven incentive optimization, predictions on churn, lifetime value, price sensitivity, and many other features.


BigCommerce’s app marketplace also offers A.I.-powered apps. offers A.I.-driven performance optimization of ads across budget allocation, ad quality, product catalog, audience targeting, and seasonality. It works with leading ad platforms such as Google Shopping and also predicts product performance based on site behavior.

Listrak uses A.I. to create personalized email marketing campaigns for, as examples, retail segmentation, cart and browse abandonment, and customer lifecycle management. Listrak integrates with BigCommerce using a tracking ID.

Roobot is an A.I.-driven personal shopper that helps consumers throughout the shopping process. It delivers personalized product recommendations and offers a voice-based assistant that can answer questions. Roobot can also upsell and cross-sell products.

Personalizer by LimeSpot increases revenue by showing optimized product recommendations to shoppers on any page, including dynamic pages. The app offers a dedicated support site as well as email support.

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