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22 Tools for Writing and Distributing Content

Generating informative and meaningful content can strengthen a brand and provide value to its customers. There are many tools to help.

Here is a collection of new and updated tools to write and distribute content. There are tools to generate content ideas, conduct research, translate your text, create and distribute newsletters and ebooks, and analyze your content strategy. The list includes a new suite of tools from Google to help journalists, but Google’s tools can help content marketers, too.

Google Journalist Studio

Home page: Google Journalist Studio

Google Journalist Studio

Journalist Studio is a new suite of tools from Google to help journalists and content marketers. Launched in October 2020, the collection includes tools to help writers explore, visualize, and share data, as follows:

  • The Common Knowledge Project makes it easier to explore, visualize, and share data about important issues in your local community. The project is being built by Polygraph, a brand studio. All info comes from Data Commons, which compiles and joins thousands of public datasets from organizations including the U.S. Census Bureau, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
  • Pinpoint analyzes large collections of documents. Upload large numbers of PDFs, images, audio files, email archives, and more. Then use advanced search to find results and common entities within relevant documents.
  • Data Commons is an open knowledge repository that combines public datasets. It includes tools to easily explore and analyze data across data sources without data cleaning or joining.
  • Dataset Search is a search engine for datasets. Discover datasets hosted in thousands of online repositories.
  • Fact Check Explorer is a search engine to fact-check results from the web about a topic or person. Review claims and facts from sources.
  • Google Trends lets you explore search trends. Enter a search term or topic, and find out its search history.
  • Outline lets you create a virtual private network server, giving anyone access to the free and open internet. Outline is resistant to some of the most sophisticated forms of blocking, including DNS, content, and IP blocking.
  • Project Shield is a free service that defends news, human rights, and election monitoring sites from DDoS attacks.
  • Tilegrams is an open-source tool that provides maps where regions are sized proportionally to datasets.

Journalist Studio also includes The Training Center, which features over 50 self-guided online lessons to teach writers how to use tools such as Google Trends, Google Search, Flourish, the Advanced Protection Program, and more.

Additional Tools

Revue is a new addition to Twitter that lets writers and publishers send and monetize newsletters. Revue features embeddable subscription forms, cross-publishing, custom domains, content integrations, subscriber feedback and sync, and more. Revue’s newsletter fee is 5 percent of revenue.

Home page: Revue


ImpactHero from SEMrush is an artificial intelligence tool that breaks down content by buyer journey stages, detects the most impactful content sections, and gives tips on improving a strategy. Identify marketing tactics and pieces of content that are successful at conversion, lead generation, and customer acquisition. Determine what content performs best, assess your content funnel, and identify areas for improvement by customer journey stages.

SEMrush Content Marketplace: Ebook Writing Service. In 2019 SEMrush started a content marketplace to match experienced copywriters with marketers. The marketplace has launched Ebook Writing Service to help users expand their lead generation content. To order an ebook, select the length and fill out a brief. In three working days, receive the title and table of contents for your approval. Then receive the first chapter to make sure the content is on-brand and meets your standard.

Medium Newsletters is a new way to share stories with your Medium audience. Any publication on Medium can start a newsletter and correspond with subscribers directly. Publications can now give their newsletter a name and description to let readers know what to expect. For existing publications, the email audience you’ve built will continue when you start your Newsletter. Publications can now share a link to the newsletter sign-up page anywhere to promote and grow new subscribers more easily.

Creators Hub is a new Medium blog to find resources to hone your skills in writing, editing, storytelling, and audience growth. Find best practices, guidelines, writer spotlights, and creative resources from Medium staff, as well as advice from writers across the platform.

Home page: Medium Creators Hub

Medium Creators Hub

Snazzy AI instantly provides content ideas for social media ads, landing pages, and more. Create Google Ads from scratch with exact specifications and layout. Generate product descriptions from a set of descriptive tags. Create a new tagline in seconds. Reimagine your landing page with limitless variations of new or existing copy.

TranslateWise is a translation tool for writers. Apply machine translation technologies to any of 140 languages. Use a parallel editor with multiple styling options to edit in real-time. Invite people to proofread and edit the results.

Answer Socrates helps writers discover questions that real people are asking on Google. Use it to answer queries about your product, brainstorm ideas, and gain deeper insight on almost any topic.

Home page: Answer Socrates

Answer Socrates

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