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30 Yahoo! and Bing Tools for Ecommerce Businesses

Google may have the biggest impact on the web overall with tools and products that have become indispensable. But Google’s competitors, Yahoo! and Bing, offer a wide array of free tools that ecommerce merchants often underutilize. Take advantage of all the tools that every major search engine has to offer to make the widest impact on the web.

Here is a list of Yahoo! and Bing tools and products that will help you make the most of your business.

Yahoo! Business News Feeds

  1. Directory Search. Use the Directory Search and narrow down your search for business-related products, services or organizations.
  2. Finance. Stay up-to-date on the latest global financial news, market trends and analysis, detailed public company data, as well as managing your own investment portfolio.
  3. News. Get the latest news from all over the web with Yahoo!’s news aggregating service.
  4. Yahoo! Answers. A knowledge base where you can post, browse and review questions that are often answered by experts. Or you can help generate traffic to your site by posting an answer in your area of expertise with link to your website.
    Yahoo! Answers home page.

    Yahoo! Answers home page.

    Yahoo! Business Tools

  5. Yahoo! Small Business. The Small Business hub of Yahoo!, users can register for a domain name for their websites, host their websites on Yahoo!, sign up for the business email service, build an ecommerce site and much more. Check out Yahoo!’s Web Hosting, Merchant Solutions, Business Email Solutions, Domain Name Registration and Online Marketing Solutions.
  6. Small Business News & Resources. A good source of business-related news aggregated from all over the web, helpful tips and hints on starting a business, increasing sales, marketing strategy, management, legal terms and access to many of Yahoo!’s tools.
  7. Business Dictionary. A comprehensive searchable dictionary cross-referencing 1,800 business-related terms — a must-use for those entrepreneurs just starting out.
  8. Advertising Solutions. A hub of useful information about advertising on the web featuring research from industry professionals, interviews with advertising industry leaders and news from around the web and access to dozens of Yahoo! advertising products from display ads to behavioral targeting to geo-targeting solutions.
  9. Business Loan Calculator. A handy online calculator to find the best loan to launch or grow your small business.
  10. Package Tracking. Easily track packages from DHL, FedEx, UPS and USPS with Yahoo!’s tracking tools. Just enter in the tracking number and find it.
  11. Small Business Help. If you run any part of your business with Yahoo!, this is a useful search tool for all the various facets of Yahoo!’s small business products. Update account info or domain names, find tips on managing your store or building your website and much more.

    Yahoo! Advertising Solutions home page.

    Yahoo! Advertising Solutions home page.

  12. Site Explorer. You can explore all the web pages Yahoo! has indexed in its search engine here, view the most popular pages, and submit your own website URL here to be sure that Yahoo! has indexed it and your potential customers can find you on the web — no matter which search engine they use.
  13. Web Analytics. Yahoo!’s analytics tool to compete with Google’s. You can track (a) your visitors’ behavior and gather important demographic information, (b) advertising campaign effectiveness, and (c) the pages and what content is most popular with your visitors.
  14. Yahoo! Groups. Set up a private group for your company, department or client and create a forum online for all participants to brainstorm ideas, share files and hold meetings.
  15. Yahoo! Voice. Make free PC-to-PC calls when combined with Yahoo! Messenger. Sign up for the Phone In and Phone Out services and you can accept calls from and make calls to land lines or mobile phones for low per-minute rates.
  16. Yahoo! Messenger. It’s not just for instant messaging anymore. You can now take this instant messenger client with you on your mobile phone, make free video chats and — combined with Yahoo! Voice — you can make free PC-to-PC calls or even low-rate PC-to-phone calls worldwide.
  17. Yahoo! Calendar. Set up a calendar for your business and never miss a call, appointment or meeting and make sure everyone is on the same page in the office.
  18. Developer Network. With a wealth of resources for web developers and designers, Developer Network has personalized dashboards for developers to manage their projects, technical guides and tutorials for developing apps, language and code libraries and news for developers.
  19. APIs and Developer Tools. The hub for over sixty of Yahoo!’s APIs for business, social networking, mobile devices, media players and other web services.
  20. Zip Code Lookup. Quickly look up any zip code in the U.S. with this tool.
    Yahoo! Developer Network home page.

    Yahoo! Developer Network home page.

    Bing Business News

  21. Business News. Stay current with the latest breaking business news aggregated from the top business news sources around the web – from The Washington Post to Reuters to The Wall Street Journal.
  22. Finance. Get the latest breaking market data as well as stock dividend data, growth trends, customizable performance analysis per public company and more.

    Bing Business Tools

  23. Webmaster Tools. Improve your site’s SEO, submit your site URLs to be sure they are indexed by Bing, track data on inbound and outbound links to and from your site, keyword performance and more.
  24. Developer Tools. Useful tools for web and app developers – download code samples, create and manage your apps and build customized search engines for your apps and websites.

    Bing Finance home page.

    Bing Finance home page.

  25. Ads & Campaign Tools. Manage ad targeting, bidding, and ad distribution and make informed decisions regarding your ad campaign on Microsoft’s Ad Network.
  26. Site Submission. Submit your site’s URL to Bing to make sure your potential customers can find you on the web.
  27. Bing Translator. Microsoft’s language translator to compete against Google’s, where you can translate a word or phrase into any of the thirty-two supported major world languages.
  28. Shopping for Merchants. Add your products to Bing’s Product Search and get access to Bing’s 161 million users and drive more traffic to your site.
  29. Social Search. Quickly search out the latest trending topics on Twitter and Facebook with Bing’s social search engine.
  30. Microsoft Ad Network. Microsoft’s Ad Network is ranked in the top ten for U.S. ad-network reach, with an average 44 million daily visitors and a total of 149 million unique visitors. Take advantage of this user group by advertising to them directly.

    Microsoft Advertising home page.

    Microsoft Advertising home page.

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