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34 People to Follow on Google+

Google+ is one year old. While the social network has not achieved the critical mass of Facebook or Twitter, Google+ hosts a large and engaged community that includes entrepreneurial giants, tech visionaries and social media super-stars.

Here is a list of people to follow on Google+. Each person has a large circle of followers and is a trendsetter in technology, social media or entrepreneurialism. The list was compiled using Social Statistics. Circle numbers are from August 12, 2012.

People to Follow on Google+

Larry Page. Larry Page is CEO of Google. 3,543,088 have him in circles.

Tom Anderson. Tom Anderson is the co-founder and former president of MySpace. He is now “retired.” 3,153,340 have him in circles.

Tom Anderson.

Tom Anderson.

Trey Ratcliff. Terry Ratcliff is creator of the travel photography blog 3,129,553 have him in circles.

Thomas Hawk. Thomas Hawk is a photographer and blogger at He is trying to publish a library of one million finished, processed photographs. 3,090,059 have him in circles.

Felicia Day. Felicia Day is a professional actress known for online content — such as Joss Whedon’s epic Internet musical “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog” and “The Guild”. 2,948,139 have her in circles.

Richard Branson. Richard Branson is founder of Virgin Group, with around 300 companies in over 30 countries. 2,785,838 have him in circles.

Vic Gundotra. Vic Gundotra is the senior vice president of engineering at Google. 2,745,293 have him in circles.

Vic Gundotra.

Vic Gundotra.

Guy Kawasaki. Guy Kawasaki is co-founder of Alltop, an “online magazine rack” of popular web topics, and a founding partner at Garage Technology Ventures. Previously he was the chief evangelist of Apple. 2,738,134 have him in circles.

Robert Scoble. Robert Scoble is the startup liaison officer at Rackspace. He is behind Building43, a site to bring together leaders in a variety of disciplines and organizations, from entrepreneurs to those responsible for the latest technologies. 2,738,134 have him in circles.

Bradley Horowitz. Bradley Horowitz is vice president of product management for Google+. Previously he led the product teams for Gmail, Google Voice, Google Talk, Orkut, and Google Docs. 1,820,121 have him in circles.

Amanda Blain. Amanda Blain is an entrepreneur, coder, and CEO of Girlfriend Social, a female-only social network. 1,745,666 have her in circles.

Brit Morin. Brit Morin is an entrepreneur and CEO of Brit + Co., a lifestyle brand that teaches the digital generation creative ways to live a more simple and beautiful life. 1,724,099 have her in circles.

Tim O’Reilly. Tim O’Reilly is founder and CEO of O’Reilly Media, and a supporter of free software and open source movements. 1,646,465 have him in circles.

Tim O'Reilly.

Tim O’Reilly.

Jeff Jarvis. Formerly the creator and founding editor of Entertainment Weekly, Jeff Jarvis is a writer for the Guardian and blogs at 1,623,784 have him in circles.

Loic Le Meur. Loic Le Meur is founder of Seesmic and the LeWeb conference. 1,586,535 have him in circles.

Mike Elgan. Mike Elgan a writer, columnist and blogger, covering technology and culture. 1,583,957 have him in circles.

Danny Sullivan Editor of Search Engine Land, a news and information site covering search engine marketing, searching issues and the search engine industry. 1,565,879 have him in circles.

Pete Cashmore. Pete Cashmore is CEO and founder of Mashable, a social media and technology news site. 1,530,680 have them in circles.

Pete Cashmore.

Pete Cashmore.

Arianna Huffington. Arianna Huffington is the president and editor-in-chief of AOL Huffington Post Media Group. 1,502,738 have her in circles.

Scott Beale. Scott Beale is founder, editor and head curator of Laughing Squid, an online resource for art, culture and technology, and a web hosting company. 1,492,684 have him in circles.

Denise Howell. Denise Howell is a lawyer specializing in technology and IP law. She discusses Internet privacy and law on her Google+ profile. 1,399,582 have her in circles.

Gina Trapani. A writer and open source coder, Gina Trapani is the creator of ThinkUp, an open source social media insights engine the White House uses. She blogs at Smarterware and is the co-host of This Week in Google. 1,169,254 have her in circles.

Gina Trapani.

Gina Trapani.

Jason Calacanis. Jason Calacanis is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor and writer. He is the founder of, a “human-powered search engine,” and Open Angel Forum, an event that connects early stage startups with angel investors. 737,822 have him in circles.

Marissa Mayer. Marissa Mayer is the president and CEO of Yahoo! Formerly she was a senior executive at Google. 620,220 have her in circles.

Bill Gross. Bill Gross is a serial entrepreneur and founder of Idealab, a place to create, build, and operate companies that challenge the status quo. 577,169 have him in circles.

Leo Laporte. Leo Laporte is host and producer of The Tech Guy radio show, and founder and Chief Twit at the Twit Netcast Network. 416,493 have him in circles.

Kevin Rose. Kevin Rose is a technology angel investor, serial entrepreneur, video blogger, venture partner at Google Ventures, and co-founder of Digg. 274,316 have him in circles.

Kevin Rose.

Kevin Rose.

Natalie Villalobos. Natalie Villalobos is community manager for Google+. She is the creator of +Handmade and founder of 158,671 have her in circles.

Alyssa Milano. Actress and philanthropist, Alyssa Milano is also an active social networker with over 2 million followers on Twitter. 119,225 have her in circles.

Darren Rowse (ProBlogger). Darren Rowse is a professional blogger and blogging guru. He blogs primarily on ProBlogger and Digital Photography School. 103,948 have him in circles.

Chris Brogan. Chris Brogan is president of Human Business Works, which provides business, communications, emerging technology strategy, and advisory services for mid- and larger-sized businesses. 100,468 have him in circles.

Chris Brogan.

Chris Brogan.

Kelly Ellis. Kelly Ellis is a software engineer working on Google+, frequently posting product updates. 91,106 have her in circles.

Rand Fishkin. Rand Fishkin is CEO and co-founder of SEOmoz. 40,706 have him in circles.

Matt Mullenweg. Matt Mullenweg is co-founder of WordPress and founder of Automattic. 30,631 have him in circles.

Matt Mullenweg.

Matt Mullenweg.

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