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50 Leading Google+ Users

Google+ is one month old. So who’s using it? Many of the popular Google+ users are the founders and content-creators from others parts of web — even Facebook.

Here is a list of the popular users on Google+. First are the top 20 users with the most followers. Then there are the users with high follower counts who are significant to social networking development or culture.

Many of these first movers have large followings on other social networking sites. By following the success of these users on Google+, you will follow overall the success or failure of Google+.

Google+ statistics are taken from on August 4, 2011.

20 Most Popular Google+ Users

Mark Zuckerberg. Co-founder, chief executive and president of Facebook. He has yet to make a post on Google+. Mark Zuckerberg is the most popular person on Google+ with 419,512 followers.

Mark Zuckerberg on Google+.

Mark Zuckerberg on Google+.

Larry Page. CEO of Google. Ranked 2 with 243,850 followers.

Sergey Brin. Co-founder of Google. Ranked 3 with 167,355 followers.

Pete Cashmore. CEO and founder of Mashable, a social media and technology news site. Ranked 4 with 137,930 followers.

Vic Gundotra. Senior vice president of engineering at Google. Ranked 5 with 107,476 followers.

Vic Gundotra on Google+.

Vic Gundotra on Google+.

Leo Laporte. Host and producer of the Tech Guy radio show, and founder and Chief Twit at the Twit Netcast Network. Ranked 6 with 102,688 followers.

Robert Scoble. Chief learning officer of Rackspace, Robert Scoble is constructing building43, a new community of people fanatical about tech startups. Ranked 7 with 103,868 followers.

Kevin Rose. A technology angel investor and entrepreneur, Kevin Rose is co-founder of Digg, and Milk. Ranked 8 with 102,822 followers.

Felicia Day. A professional actress known for online content — Joss Whedon’s epic internet musical “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog” and “The Guild”. She has nearly 2 million followers on Twitter. Ranked 9 with 102,799 followers.

Ray William Johnson. A comedian best known for his YouTube videos. As of August 2011, his channel is the most-subscribed channel on YouTube, with over 4.3 million subscribers and over 1.1 billion video views. Ranked 10 with 99,402 followers.

Ray William Johnson on Google+.

Ray William Johnson on Google+.

Tom Anderson. Co-founder and former president of MySpace. Ranked 11 with 94,127 followers.

Matt Cutts. Google software engineer and head of webspam team. Ranked 12 with 78,741 followers.

Marissa Mayer. Google vice president of local, maps and location services. Ranked 13 with 68,662 followers.

Markus Persson. Founder of Mojang, he is the creator of the game Minecraft. Ranked 14 with 68,131 followers.

Gina Trapani. A writer and open source coder, Gina Trapani leads development on ThinkUp, an open source social media insights engine the White House uses. She blogs at Smarterware and is the co-host of This Week in Google. Ranked 15 with 62,743 followers.

Gina Trapani on Google+.

Gina Trapani on Google+.

Bradley Horowitz. Bradley Horowitz oversees Google’s communications products and social applications including Google Talk, GrandCentral, Blogger and Picasa. Ranked 16 with 60,035 followers.

Trey Ratcliff. Creator of the travel photography blog, which has over 60 million views. Ranked 17 with 57,926 followers.

MG Siegler. A writer for TechCrunch, a blog covering startups and technology news. Ranked 18 with 49,545 followers.

Jeff Jarvis. Creator and founding editor of Entertainment Weekly, Jeff Jarvis is a writer for the Guardian, the Sunday editor and associate publisher of the NY Daily News, and a columnist on the San Francisco Examiner. He blogs at Ranked 19 with 46,814 followers.

Tim O’Reilly. Founder and CEO of O’Reilly Media, and a supporter of free software and open source movements. Ranked 20 with 46,105 followers.

Tim O'Reilly on Google+.

Tim O’Reilly on Google+.

Additional Popular Google+ Users

Seth Godin. A popular author and founder of, a Web-publishing platform. 43,831 followers.

Sarah Lane. A producer, writer, and host for TWiT Netcast Network’s
“Tech News Today,” “The Social Hour,” and “iPad Today.” 41,872 followers.

Guy Kawasaki. Co-founder of, an “online magazine rack” of popular web topics, and a founding partner at Garage Technology Ventures. Previously he was the chief evangelist of Apple. 41,101 followers.

Natalie Villalobos. Founder of, and a community manager for the Google+ project. 39,997 followers.

Kelly Ellis. Engineer working on Google+ streams. 39,557 followers.

Kelly Ellis on Google+.

Kelly Ellis on Google+.

Mark Cuban. Entrepreneur and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Landmark Theaters, and Magnolia Pictures. 39,032 followers.

Ashton Kutcher. An actor and producer, Ashton Kutcher was the first user of Twitter to have more than 1,000,000 followers. 37,761 followers.

Michael Dell. Chairman and CEO of Dell. 36,685 followers.

Chris Brogan. President of Human Business Works, which provides tools for small businesses. Its flagship community, Kitchen Table Companies, provides small business advice. Brogan has recently launched The Owner’s Mind, a site for web entrepreneurs. 35,048 followers.

Alyssa Milano. Actress and philanthropist, Alyssa Milano is also an active social networker with over 1.7 million followers on Twitter. 32,071 followers.

Alyssa Milano on Google+.

Alyssa Milano on Google+.

Danny Sullivan. Editor of, a news and information site covering search engine marketing, searching issues and the search engine industry. 29,345 followers.

Ben Parr. Editor of Mashable. 29,078 followers.

Seven Levy. A writer for Wired and author on technology. 27,833 followers.

Scott Beale. Founder, editor and head curator of Laughing Squid, an online resource for interesting art, culture and technology, and a web hosting company. 25,012 followers.

Danah Boyd. A researcher at Microsoft Research and a fellow at Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society, Danah Boyd investigates everyday practices involving social media, with specific attention to youth engagement. She blogs at 20,443 followers.

Danah Boyd on Google+.

Danah Boyd on Google+.

Jennifer Van Grove. A Mashable reporter and self-proclaimed Web geek. 19,931 followers.

Amber Mac. A technology writer and host, Amber Mac writes a regular column for The Globe & Mail, Yahoo! Tech, and American Express Open Forum. 19,918 followers.

Dane Cook. A comedian and actor, Dane Cook was one of the first comedians to use a personal web page and MySpace to build a large fan base. 19,865 followers.

Sarah Perez. A writer for tech news site 19,671 followers.

Caterina Fake. Co-founder of Hunch, a recommendation-sharing site, and Flickr, a photo-sharing site. 18,752 followers.

Caterina Fake on Google+.

Caterina Fake on Google+.

Bill Gross. Bill Gross is a serial entrepreneur and founder of Idealab, a place to create, build, and operate companies that challenge the status quo. 18,600 followers.

Joichi Ito. Director of the MIT Media Lab and co-founder of Digital Garage. 18,114 followers.

John Resig. Creator of the jQuery JavaScript library, John Resig is dean of open source and head of JavaScript development at Khan Academy. 17,147 followers.

Dave McClure. Venture capitalist and founding partner at 500 Startups, an Internet startup seed fund. He blogs about his experience at Master of 500 Hats. 16,932 followers.

Erick Schonfeld. Co-editor at TechCrunch. 16,886 followers.

Erick Schonfeld on Google+.

Erick Schonfeld on Google+.

Reid Hoffman. Co-founder and executive chairman at Linkedin. He has not yet made a post on Google+. 16,800 followers.

Baratunde Thurston. Comedian and writer, Baratunde Thurston co-founded the black political blog, Jack and Jill Politics and serves as director of digital for The Onion. 16,015 followers.

Bret Taylor. Chief technology officer at Facebook. Founder of FriendFeed. 15,147 followers.

Britney Spears. The official Google+ profile for Britney Spears. 15,094 followers.

Arianna Huffington. President and editor-in-chief of AOL Huffington Post Media Group. 15,014 followers.

Arianna Huffington on Google+.

Arianna Huffington on Google+.

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