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5 Content Marketing Ideas for August 2023

August 2023 offers enticing content topics, including hip-hop music, summer travel, Bowling Day, Angel Day, and a month for dogs.

Content marketing is the process of producing, publishing, and promoting content to attract, engage, and retain customers. The discipline is closely related to search engine optimization and is essential for many businesses.

Here are five content marketing ideas for August 2023.

Hip Hop Music’s 50th

Photo of DJ Kool spinning records.

DJ Kool spinning records in 2009. Source: Wikimedia.

The origins of hip-hop music are unclear, but many fans mark August 11, 1973, as its birth.

Cindy Cambell was a schoolgirl in the Bronx, New York, then. She threw a party and asked her brother, “DJ Kool,” to spin the records. He used two parallel turntables not to move between records smoothly but rather to scratch out an extra beat. This technique would become a staple of hip-hop music.

“I am the first hip hop promoter,” said Campbell, a.k.a. The Lady of Hip Hop. “The back-to-school party I gave at 1520 Sedgewick Avenue… was the birth of hip hop.”

For content marketers, hip hop’s anniversary is an opportunity to create content around an important cultural movement. Articles or podcasts could include a history of hip-hop, a discussion of its impact, or stories about how it inspires the brand.

Here are a few examples.

  • An online music shop could write “From Bronx to Billboards: The Evolution of Hip Hop.”
  • An apparel shop might publish “Hip Hop’s 50-year Influence on Fashion.”
  • A video game shop could produce “How Hip Hop Changed Game Play.”

Last-minute Summer Travel

Photo of a female swimming in a lagoon

Folks searching for last-minute travel could find your content and your company. Photo: Chelsea Gates.

The allure of last-minute getaways becomes intense when the end of summer grows near.

Despite the hustle and bustle of the season, late summer provides opportunities for those spontaneous adventurers looking to squeeze in one more vacation before autumn arrives.

Content marketers can produce articles, videos, and podcasts that connect travel ideas with the products a retailer, ecommerce shop, or direct-to-consumer brand sells.

A luggage company such as Away could publish content focused on packing.

  • “Travel Light: Essential Packing Tips for Last-minute Trips”
  • “Last-minute Travel Checklist”
  • “5 Summer Vacation Spots to Pack in 10 Minutes.”

National Bowling Day

Bowling balls in a rack in a bowling alley

Your content can get rolling with National Bowling Day. Photo: Marc Mueller.

National Bowling Day, celebrated on August 12 in 2023, is an opportunity to roll into the nostalgic, lively, and inclusive world of bowling.

Many types of companies could address it.

  • Toy stores: “Bowling Sets for Kids: Bringing the Alley to Your Backyard.”
  • Clothing shops: “Apparel for a Chic Bowling Night.”
  • Home improvement: “The DIY Master Guide to Bowling Day Projects.”

Be an Angel Day

Statue of an angel in white porcelain or marble

Be an Angel Day is a reminder to aim for kindness. Photo: Sandy Millar.

August 22, 2023, is “Be An Angel Day.” This annual event, established in 1993, encourages people to perform random acts of kindness and to help those in need. The day’s primary purpose is to inspire acts of goodwill and highlight the impact that a single kind gesture can have on our communities.

The occasion provides an excellent backdrop for brands to showcase a commitment to these values and highlight their charitable initiatives.

Here are a few ideas:

  • A philanthropic shoe brand such as Toms: “Walk in Someone Else’s Shoes: Celebrating Be an Angel Day with Compassion.”
  • A lifestyle brand like Patagonia: “Small Acts, Big Impact: Sustainable Choices for Be an Angel Day.”
  • An online grocery store such as Thrive Market, “Nourishing Our Communities: Healthy Food Donations on Be an Angel Day.”

National Dog Month

A beagle-looking dog staring at the camera

Dogs get a month-long celebration in August. Photo: Victor Grabarczyk.

August is National Dog Month, dedicated to celebrating humanity’s best friend.

And International Dog Day falls on August 26, 2023. It’s an opportunity to raise awareness about dog adoption and providing safe, comfortable homes for all dogs.

Content for National Dog Month could address the joy dogs bring to our lives, dog-friendly products, the importance of animal welfare, and even pet care and health.

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