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5 Content Marketing Ideas for Nov. 2023

Black Friday, sandwiches, elections, board games, and a tribute to aviation are content marketing opportunities for November 2023.

Content marketing is creating, publishing, and promoting articles, videos, or other content to attract, engage, and retain customers for your business.

Here are five content marketing ideas you can use in November 2023.

1. Black Friday, Cyber Monday

Retail and ecommerce personnel have been working on holiday offers for months — or at least they should have.


Photo of a big screen TV in a department store

Shoppers will expect discounts on big-screen televisions for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The deals started with buying the best inventory at the best prices so that the savings fall on expectant shoppers like Autumn leaves in a stiff November wind.

There is, however, still time to create Black Friday and Cyber Monday content to support those efforts — in at least three ways.

  • Gift guides. Produce posts describing the best BFCM deals for various groups, i.e., “How to save big shopping for grandchildren this Black Friday.”
  • Spotlight products. Imagine an article about your supplier or product. For example, an apparel shop might address sustainable sourcing for the holiday season.
  • Use humor. For extra points, go for a laugh, such as a BFCM parody of sorts. 

To this last point, I asked ChatGPT to generate a Black Friday ad in the voice of humor columnist Dave Barry. Here’s the result:

© Dave Barry’s TV Deal Extravaganza! 8
Introducing the GINORMOUS Screen TV for just $99!

“+ Resolution so high you’ll spot Wally without trying!
& Sound so real, cooking shows might duck you!
& WiFi faster than Uncle Bob’s repeated jokes.

®@ First 10 buyers get a magnifying glass for pixel hunting! Customer 11? Maybe some
leftover candy. «

Doors open post-turkey nap. Grab this bewildering deal before it, like floppy disk save icons,
fades into obscurity!

DAVE BARRY’S ELECTRONIC EMPORIUM – Where humor meets electrifying deals!

Terms apply. Side effects: Uncontrollable binge-watching.

You might do something similar: ask an AI tool to produce your store’s BFCM ad copy and then share the results in a blog post.

2. National Sandwich Day

AI-drawn image of the Earl of Sandwich holding a sandwich

Some folks believe the sandwich got its start with compulsive gambling.

November 3, 2023, is National Sandwich Day in the United States and several other localities.

It is generally held that John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, invented the handy meal in 1762. According to some, Montagu was a British statesman and a compulsive gambler who didn’t want to leave the card table to eat. 

Reportedly, Montagu asked his valet to bring him roast beef between two slices of bread so he could eat with his hands, beginning a food revolution. 

For your company’s November content marketing, let the sandwich articles and videos go forth. For inspiration, consider a recent article from Huckberry’s Journal. Huckberry is a men’s apparel brand with excellent content marking.

The article “4th Annual Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich Competition” is at once prose, a video, a contest, and a recipe for a cranberry, chili, and duck sandwich on a bun.

Screenshot of the Huckberry article and video titled "4th Annual Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich Competition."

Huckberry recently published an article and video titled “4th Annual Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich Competition.”

3. Election Day

As a rule, merchants should avoid political topics. But this is not true for every brand. The U.S. election day, November 2, 2023, could be a content marketing opportunity for some businesses.

Tread lightly, know your brand’s position, and consider taking a stand if it makes sense. Here are a couple of examples.

Election day content could make sense for brands built on political partisanship. Products such as Jeremy’s Chocolate and Ultra Right Beer are meant to be political protests, so election commentary is appropriate.

Similarly, some shoppers are looking for politically active brands. The website Progressive Shopper, for example, rates companies based on politics and encourages consumers to “put your money where your values are.”

Progressive Shopper caters to consumers who buy from brands that match their political views.

4. Play Monopoly Day

AI-generated picture of a father, mother, and two childrewn playing a board game

Gather the family for a game of Monopoly.

In the spirit of national days for just about anything you can think of, November 19, 2023, is National Play Monopoly Day.

While this day will be an opportunity for game shops or stores selling licensed Monopoly products, just about any business could use the date to inspire engaging, search-engine-friendly content. Here are a few examples.

  • The history of Monopoly. Dive into the origins and evolution of the iconic board game, exploring its creation, patent journey, and various iterations over the years.
  • Top 10 most coveted Monopoly properties. Survey your customers or staff on their favorite Monopoly properties, then compile and present the results in a fun and visual way.
  • Monopoly in popular culture. Explore Monopoly’s numerous references, adaptations, and appearances in movies, TV shows, books, and other media.
  • Around the world with Monopoly. Showcase various international Monopoly editions, highlighting each version’s unique properties and cultural adaptations. This could help a store selling travel-related items.

5. Aviation History Month

AI-generated picture of a large jet airplane taking off

November is Aviation History Month and an opportunity for content marketers.

November 2023 is an opportunity to celebrate aviation history. This month-long commemoration is a nod to humanity’s age-old dream of flight, from the waxed wings of Icarus to the steel-clad behemoths that cruise our modern-day skies.

Aviation connects continents and brings people closer. Its history is rich with tales of daring, innovation, and a bit of turbulence.

Content marketers can harness aviation to fuel their November content strategy. And you don’t have to be Boeing or Airbus to get on board. Here are some examples.

  • A kitchen supply shop could publish recipes for the classic airplane meals of the 1950s.
  • A golf or fishing supply store might produce a guide to the best fly-in courses or streams.
  • An eBay shop selling old DVDs might create a list of aviation-themed movies.
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