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5 Ecommerce Content Marketing Ideas for July 2014

Fireworks, futbol, summertime projects, and even unidentified flying objects might all make good topics for an online retailer’s July 2014 content marketing.

In a way, content marketing comes right out of the growth hackers handbook in that it seeks to use content that marketers create and publish to attract, engage, and retain customers, whilst usually circumventing traditional and paid marketing.

Content marketing allows online sellers with limited promotional budgets or even limited advertising experience to attract interested shoppers.

What’s more, content marketing can be tested, measured, analyzed, and improved. But good content marketing doesn’t just happen accidentally; marketers need to plan ahead to be successful. With all of this in mind, what follows are five content marketing ideas that ecommerce businesses can use to garner attention, traffic, and sales in July 2014.

1. Independence Day

July 4, 2014, is Independence Day in the United States. Many, if not most, Americans take the day off, cook out, spend time with friends, and, eventually, end the day at a local park or lake watching fireworks.

Key national holidays like July 4th generally create three types of content marketing opportunities. Marketers can publish content about the holiday’s history; publish content about common activities associated with the holiday; or publish content about products related to the holiday.

Here are some example article titles.

History Articles

  • 5 Things You Didn’t Know about July 4th
  • The 10 Worst Fourth of July Fireworks Accidents Ever
  • 5 Myths About the 4th of July
  • Why We Have Fireworks on the 4th of July

Activities Articles

  • Fireworks Laws by State
  • How to Find the Best Fireworks Display in Your Area
  • 10 Things to Pin this Fourth of July
  • 15 July 4th Activities and Games

Product Related Articles

  • How to Pick a New Grill for Your July 4th Cookout
  • What to Wear this Fourth of July
  • Three Products that Keep Dogs Calm During Fireworks
  • Ten Things to Make Your Fourth Better

2. FIFA World Cup

The 2014 Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) World Cup is in full swing and the event, which dwarfs the Olympics in international popularity, is, in 2014, captivating North America, especially since team USA advanced to the round of 16 on June 26.

Americans have been playing youth soccer for a couple of generations now, and the sport is much better understood and enjoyed than it had been during previous World Cup competitions, creating an opportunity for content marketers.

Here are some World Cup content marketing ideas.

  • An article defining futbol slang.
  • An informational graphic showing which brands sponsor the World Cup.
  • A chart comparing famous players to products a merchant sells – Cristiano Ronaldo is to soccer as Stihl is to chainsaws.
  • List players with celebrity partners.

3. Summertime How-to

Warm summer months have their own special set of activities, including work around the house, hobby projects, and even vacations. For all of these topics, ecommerce businesses can publish great how-to articles and videos that provide potential customers with information that they can use. This utility can endear a retailer to its customers.

Here are a few examples of summertime how-to content that a sample selection of online retailers might publish.

Sporting Goods Retailer

  • Family Backpacking for Beginners
  • The Secret to Great Camp Cooking
  • Find Local Places for Day Treks
  • How to Choose a Canoe

Home Decor Retailer

  • How to Estimate the Cost of Your Summer Decorating Project
  • How to Add Summer Style on a Budget
  • How to Spruce Up Wintery Features like the Fireplace Mantle for Summertime
  • How to Set a Summer Table

Welding Supplies Retailer

  • How to Weld a Classic Garden Gate
  • Weld Your Own Fire Pit
  • Weld Your Way to a Backyard Swing Set
  • Artisan-style Welded Decorations for Summer

4. Explain Something

In its July/August issue, Men’s Health magazine published an infographic to explain “How Running Makes You High.” For subscribers reading the magazine on a mobile device, there was even a video explaining how runner’s high works.

Merchants could look for opportunities to explain how things work or what things are in their industry or in related industries.

5. World UFO Day, July 2

While not every online retailer will see World UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) Day on July 2 as an opportunity, the event will certainly give marketers plenty of fodder for content.

Depending on your brand and product line, World UFO Day would be straightforward, if you will, raising awareness about extraterrestrial life. Examples article or video titles might be:

  • The Jimmy Carter UFO Incident Explained
  • Google Earth’s Pink UFO Photo
  • 2014 UFO Sightings

Other merchants could focus on science fiction, pop culture, or alien personification. As an example, U.K. retailer Argos frequently uses alien characters in its promotions. These Argos aliens act like humans and are often part of a product-focused vignette.

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