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6 Free Android Apps for SEO

Put your Android phone to work for search engine optimization. These free Android apps will help you monitor your SEO performance and add critical insights in meetings, when you’re away from your computer.

SEO Keyword Tool for Google

SEO Keyword Tool for Google, an Android app.

SEO Keyword Tool for Google, an Android app.

Often in meetings I need to know the relative search demand for a couple of different concepts. If I’m away from the Google Keyword Tool on my computer, SEO Keyword Tool for Google on my phone fills the gap.

Just enter a word or phrase and SEO Keyword Tool for Google returns the approximate number times that word or phrase has been searched for in Google — per month and per year. The numbers are similar to the data shown in the Google Keyword Tool, but not the same. This app should be used for directional purposes, not to build an actual SEO strategy on.

SEO Keyword Tool for Google also shows the keyword in relation to six other closely matching keyword phrases. For example, if you enter “baked beans,” the app will return monthly search numbers for “baked beans recipe,” “baked beans from scratch,” and other similar phrase matches.

The tool defaults to U.S. data. But you can easily change to other countries when you enter your keyword phrase.

If you’re a search geek like me, it’s also fun at parties: “Hey, did you know that Google gets 246,000 a month for ‘Moscow mule?’ Wow, ‘martini’ only gets 60,500 searches a month.”

SEO and Link Analyzer

SEO and Link Analyzer.

SEO and Link Analyzer.

SEO platform software Searchmetrics offers SEO & Link Analyzer, an app. Using the same API as the Searchmetrics tool on your computer, you can analyze the rankings of a website’s URLs in search engine results pages, identify the links of a domain, monitor the social media signals generated by URLs, and track the SEO and pay-per-click visibility of a website.

I most frequently open this app when I want a quick snapshot of a site’s top ranking keywords, or a report showing the sites competing with the site I’m interested in optimizing. But it offers many other reports, all in beautiful, user-friendly formats with help buttons on each screen.

SEO & Link Analyzer is free to use even if you’re not a Searchmetrics customer, in the same way that its web tool is free for use. Searchmetrics customers can access to more data and reporting, based on their expanded options in the web tool.

SEO SERP Mojo Rank Tracker

SEO SERP Mojo Rank Tracker.

SEO SERP Mojo Rank Tracker.

SEO SERP Mojo Rank Tracker tracks ranking history for Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It is an attractive app that allows you to view and download ranking reports. The free version allows unlimited keywords on an unlimited number of URLs. There is also a $3.99 Pro version that gives you more features and automatic rank checking updates so you can have a regularly updated chart when you open the app.

The app gives me rankings numbers that match my rankings data from other tools I trust. But make sure to check the rankings in this app before relying on it heavily.

Sinium SEO Tools

Sinium SEO Tools.

Sinium SEO Tools.

For multiple SEO and technical tools in one app, try Sinium SEO Tools. Only about a quarter of the 54 tools that Sinium’s SEO app offers are still relevant to SEO, and many of the other features didn’t actually load for me, but I found 12 working features I use for SEO wrapped into a single package. I find myself using these technical tools the most.

  • Mobile Friendly Test. Taps into Google’s API to verify a page’s mobile friendliness, a ranking factor in mobile search results.
  • Source Code. Shows the source code for a URL.
  • Spider Simulator. Shows the metadata and links on the page for any URL.
  • Server Status. Shows server performance stats, such as response time.
  • Website Speed Test. Speed matters as a ranking factor.
  • Domain Tools Category. Includes multiple tools around domain registration, hosting, and IP address.

Google’s Android Apps for Search Marketing

Google doesn’t offer any Android apps specifically for SEO, but there are some Google apps that are related to optimization.

  • Google Analytics. Google Analytics’ web app is the easiest analytics tool for monitoring SEO performance. Google Analytics’ Android app similarly offers some high-level reports that can give you top-line data on your search performance, on the go. You can set the date range and filter the results to show organic search performance by keyword, and also entry pages by organic search. That gives you the two most important views into SEO performance: pages and keywords.
  • YouTube Creator Studio. Remember, YouTube is the largest video search engine. Manage your YouTube channel on the go, including channel and video analytics, ability to update video details, comment response, and more.
  • Google My Business. Make sure that your business is visible on Google Search and Maps. Verify and update your business information for multiple locations, manage reviews, and monitor location analytics.

Search Engine Land

Android App: Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land

Carry Search Engine Land, the trusted source for search news, on your phone to read quick updates when you have a couple of minutes between meetings or on the train. Get breaking news notifications, browse by channel, and read expert industry commentary.

What are your favorite Android apps for SEO? Help out your fellow iOS users, too, with your favorite SEO iPhone apps. Let us know in the comments, below.

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