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8 Tools for Managing Multiple WordPess Sites

Managing multiple WordPress sites is getting easier. With the release of WordPress 3.0 and its multisite feature, you can run multiple sites from a single WordPress installation and create a network of sites. However, if you run several websites with a variety of requirements, your needs may exceed what multisite allows you to do. Fortunately, there are a number of available solutions.

Here is a list of tools for managing multiple WordPress websites from a central location. There are WordPress dashboards, as well as multisite tools to manage domains, themes, campaigns, and more. Nearly all of these tools have a free option.


ManageWP is a WordPress management console that includes one-click access, monitoring, backup, deployment, publishing, and security features. Review which of your sites have themes and plugins that need attention. With one click, update all of your plugins, themes or core WordPress software. Get uptime monitoring, traffic alerts, SEO analysis, Google Analytics integration, and more. Manage your sites from your smartphone with the free iOS app. Price: Free plan for up to five websites; with paid plans, choose how many websites you want to manage.


InfiniteWP allows you to manage multiple WordPress sites with single master login, one-click updating and managing for plugins and themes, and instant backup and restore. The basic features of InfiniteWP are free, but expanded features are available as premium add-ons.

Currently there are six add-on packages, with an assortment of features for multiple sites, including schedule backups, manage user groups across sites, run custom code snippets, and client plugin branding. Additional features are in the works, such as Google Analytics access, manage comments, and bulk pages and links. Price: Basics are free; add-ons start at $49.

WP Remote

WP Remote is a free tool to monitor and manage all of your WordPress sites. Add an unlimited number of sites. Organize sites into groups for quick search. Monitor and update WordPress, plugins, and themes. Backups are stored on encrypted servers. WP Remote site is now optimized for managing from mobile devices. Price: Free.

CMS Commander

CMS Commander enables you to bulk manage your WordPress sites, as well as your Drupal, Joomla and phpBB websites. Manage comments, bulk create new users, install one-click updates of plugins and themes, and compare Google Analytics statistics. Automatically create and schedule backups of all your WordPress websites. CMS Commander also includes content generation tools and auto-posting features. Price: Plans start at $4.95 per month for up to five websites.


Worpit provides key solutions for WordPress and domain management. Manage all your sites in a single dashboard. Jump to each individual WordPress site admin at any time. One-click update plugins and themes. The premium product, WorpDrive, provides backup and recovery for your WordPress sites. Price: Plans start at $1.60 per month for up to five WordPress sites.

WP Pipeline

WP Pipeline is another tool that allows enhanced multisite management from one location. Update or manage themes and plugins individually or for multiple sites. Manage groups of sites or users. Backup once or on a schedule from one central location. Price: $25 for up to 5 sites; $67 for up to 100 sites; $147 for unlimited sites.

xMark Pro

xMark Pro is a tool to manage all aspects of your WordPress sites, including mass posting, drip feeds, SpinTax integration, plugins, themes, categories, users, blog rolls, widgets, one-click login and more. Centrally create and manage hundreds of domains on multiple servers. View traffic reports and sales statistics. Centralize your promotional material and campaigns. Price: $49.95 per month.

WP Multi Network

WP Multi Network adds a network management user interface for super admins in a WordPress multisite environment. Turn your multisite installation of WordPress into many multisite networks, all surrounding one central user base. Create new networks of sites, allowing for many site, network, and domain arrangements. Price: Free.

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