App List: Joe Horan of TheBuyFly

Joe Horan

Joe Horan

“App List” is a feature where we ask ecommerce professionals to list the apps they have installed on their phones, and tell us why they use them. For this installment, we corresponded with Joe Horan, owner and operator of, an ecommerce site that provides iPhone and iPad cases.

Horan started the business while in school at Indiana University, where he earned his Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice. He has handled almost all aspects of his business since its inception in 2007. His interests lie within supply management, logistics, and search engine optimization, where he also serves as a consultant for other ecommerce businesses.

Joe Horan’s Mobile Apps


“I love this app. It allows you to create budgets, monitor goals, and see spending habits. It links into your bank account and automatically categorizes your transactions. It’s an amazing time saver and lets me see where I may need to cut spending for the week or month. It’s a great way to keep your finances in check.”


“Waze is a pretty good app for those that drive frequently or have a long commute. It’s a community based driving app that lets you see traffic and gives you an estimated time of arrival. It’s really convenient for me, being a daily driver in Chicago.”


“I’ve been trying to run a little bit more lately. I use this app when I run around the city. It tracks routes and mileage using the GPS. It also allows manual entries when running inside on a treadmill or track.”

Chase Mobile App

“I have a both a personal and business account with Chase. I love its mobile app. I can see my account balances, pending charges and even pay bills. It’s easy to send and setup a ‘quick pay’ with other people as well.”

ESPN ScoreCenter

“I like to follow my sports teams and know their schedule. This is a great app to do that. I can select my favorite teams and I get updates on their wins and schedules. I especially like it because I can follow the Big Ten conference and my team, Indiana University Hoosiers.”

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