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App List: Amine Khechfe of DYMO Endicia

Amine Khechfe

Amine Khechfe

“App List” is a new feature where we ask ecommerce professionals to list the apps they have installed on their phone, and tell us why they use them. For this installment, we corresponded with Amine Khechfe, co-founder and general manager for DYMO Endicia, the postage and shipping provider.

Khechfe is responsible for directing all aspects of the DYMO Endicia business unit as well as managing its position within the Newell Rubbermaid Technology Global Business Unit. Under his leadership, DYMO Endicia has grown dramatically and broadened its offerings.

Khechfe co-founded DYMO Endicia in 1987 and has held a variety of management roles in engineering, management consulting, software development, marketing, business development and sales engineering.

He earned a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and a Master of Science in Engineering from Stanford University.

Amine Khechfe’s iPhone Apps




“I use this app to check real estate prices and for research when buying a house. Redfin updates with new information every 15 minutes, guaranteeing that I’m looking at an up-to-date listing.”


“I travel frequently for business, and I like to use the Orbitz app for airline reservations. The app keeps track of my itineraries and flight statuses while I’m on the go and can also connect to your phone’s GPS to find nearby hotels and car rentals.”


“This app comes in handy in airports and on airplanes to burn some time. It’s also much nicer than the paper version since you can avoid the mess pencil marks make, and it tells you how well you did compared to the thousands of folks that played at the same level — although that’s occasionally embarrassing.”

The Weather Channel

“I use this app to check on the weather when I travel as I like to be prepared for various climates. When I’m at home in San Francisco’s bay area, I especially like the hourly report, which lets me know the fog will lift and the sun will come out.”

USA Today

“A must-have when traveling overseas, I use USA Today to stay in touch with the nation’s news highlights. I download the latest news before I board an airplane, so I can read them in-flight. The USA Today app updates its articles throughout the day, so it is actually more current than the paper version.”

The Wall Street Journal

“This app is also helpful for catching up on news around the world while I’m traveling, especially on need-to-know financial and business news updates. I don’t have to wait on the paper version, and I can stay up-to-date wherever I am.”

ESPN SportsCenter XL

“I’m a huge sports fan, so I use ESPN SportsCenter XL to keep up with my favorite teams. I can tag my favorite teams, and it always lists their recent news and scores and will also send push notifications for final scores of games I’m interested in.”

AT&T U-Verse

“If you can’t tell yet, I’m very into sports and entertainment. The AT&T U-Verse app allows me to record shows and games on my home television from anywhere in the world.”

BBC News

“I like to have multiple news sources to get different viewpoints from around the world. The BBC often highlights news that other U.S.-based publications might not report, so I find its perspective refreshing.”

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