Bloglist: From Merchant Accounts to Help With Usability

In Bloglist, we ask an online professional to identify his/her favorite blogs. This feature highlights some of the most interesting resources in the blogosphere. This month, we’ve ask Jamie Estep, online operations director for

Jamie EstepName: Jamie Estep

Title: Online Operations Director



Several successful authors collaborate to bring one of the most insightful and interesting blogs on the internet. This blog is great for website and business owners alike, and focuses on making an organization very unique and customer centered.

Seomoz was created by Rand Fishkin, of Seattle Washington. This blog’s main topic is search engine optimization, but it offers great, unique information relating to online marketing, web development and website usability.

Merchant Account Services

This blog is payment processing related, and is run by John Conde. It offers some impressive articles and information for business owners looking to learn more on payment processing related topics.

By the founder of web usability, this bi-weekly column offers usable advice on website usability. Jakob Neilson’s articles can help almost any website owner improve the visitor experience on his/her website.

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