Practical Ecommerce Founder on Video for eCommerce

Online shoppers are increasingly relying on video to demonstrate a product or explain its use. But for many ecommerce merchants, producing, embedding and playing the video is a complicated, confusing process. There’s a company, however, that provides all of these video services on a self-serve basis, for a low monthly cost. It’s called and its founder is Maher Hakim, who joins Practical eCommerce’s Kerry Murdock.


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  1. Mike Darnell October 14, 2009 Reply

    Hi Kerry,
    Interesting talk you had there with Maher Hakim.

    I particularly enjoyed hearing Maher’s tips from the show:

    "Don’t spend a lot of money on producing the video…
    u can create really nice video by stitching together some photos and then putting in some music and audio and narration on top of that. It looks and feels like a video to the end user"

    This is precisely what our ecommerce video solution does in an entirely automated fashion: In a nutshell we create product videos directly from an etailer’s XML, with little or no human involvement at all (narration still requires it). The automation of the process enables us to cover handle an ecommerce’s entire catalog with video within 24 hours. Our low production costs also mean we can offer our solution on a Pay-Per-View basis that guarantees vendors see ROI for their videos.

    Furthermore, we don’t simply create a single video for each product, but a few, for which we then run automated A/B testing for to measure optimal conversions – perpetually dropping the less effective versions.

    We’ve learned with our own clients, that boosting product listings with video this way increases conversion rates by anything from 35% (for to over 300% (for certain product pages within’s site).

    For more information check us out at and join the discussions on our Facebook page at: