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Pay-per-click Expert on Advertising in a Recession

News reports indicate that revenue growth for Google and other search engines is slowing. Bids on keywords and keyword phrases, some say, are softening. Could all of this be an opportunity for ecommerce merchants to increase PPC ad spend and gain more customers? We asked this to Tina Kelly, a pay-per-click advertising expert and an Online Marketing Manager for Netconcepts, a pay-per-click and search-engine-optimization marketing firm.


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  1. Laura January 13, 2009 Reply

    I wouldn’t use the pay-per-click advertising thing, ever. I had a "friend" tell me about this great new business opportunity he just signed up for – getting paid just to click on advertisments. He said at first he made about $50.00 per month but now he makes about $350.00 per week, just clicking on ads in the morning while he drinks his coffee. He was really trying to pressure us into signing up for it….until I told him (keep in mind we own a business and he owns a business) how would you feel if you paid for an ad like the ones you are clicking on, only to find out people like you were wasting your money? I went on to say, no thanks I could never take someone’s hard earn money and waste it like that. Needless to say he has not called us in about 6 months.