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My Favorite Pay-per-click Blogs

It seems as though there are a million blogs. In fact, last time I checked, Technorati was reporting that over 120,000 new blogs are created every single day. That’s about 1.4 new blogs every second. With so many blogs out there, which pay-per-click blogs are the most helpful?

To help out, I thought I would share with you my list of personal favorite PPC blogs.

SEM Geek – This blog is written by Internet marketing guru Greg Meyers. A recent Semmy award winner, one of his best posts was about optimizing paid search and landing pages for TV, radio, and
print advertising.

bg Theory – This blog is written by Brad Geddes, a Google AdWords seminar leader as well as a Google AdWords Qualified Professional and a Yahoo! Search Marketing Ambassador. He has a great post called “How to Lower your AdWords Minimum Bid”..

Search Engine Guide – Technically not really a blog but more of a Search Engine Marketing news site, I am always a fan of the quality articles and posts on Search Engine Guide. Jennifer Laycock is worth following closely, and I especially like her post called [“Five Most Common Paid Search Mistakes That Can Sink Your Campaign”.](

RKG Blog – The folks at Rimm-Kaufman Group have written several good posts, including a [“Starting from Scratch” primer](

PPC Blog – PPC Blog describes itself as being a blog that takes a “cynical look at pay per click. Lots of good PPC posts worth reading on this blog.

Finding The Sweet Spot – Scott Clark is a true veteran web business strategist and a paid search marketing professional. I always learn something new when I read Scott’s blog posts.

PPC Hero – PPC Hero is a blog written by several PPC professionals. PPC Hero has both a Google Quality Score handbook and a Yahoo Panama handbook worth reading.

Microsoft AdCenter Blog – Microsoft AdCenter has moved its blog to another site, where they have a lot more than just blog posts. If you use Microsoft AdCenter then you’ll definitely want to stay tuned to this one.

Inside AdWords – This is the official Google AdWords blog called “Inside AdWords”. If there’s an update to AdWords then Google will officially announce it here. It also has good AdWords tips. Again, if you’re using AdWords then you need to stay tuned to this one.

Yahoo! Search Blog – The Yahoo! Search Blog is the official blog of Yahoo! Search (not to be confused with Yahoo! Search Marketing, its PPC program).

Yahoo! Search Marketing Blog – This is the official Yahoo! Search Marketing blog that is specifically dedicated to Yahoo! Search Marketing. If you’re doing any pay-per-click advertising with Yahoo!, you’ll want to follow this blog.

Jensense – The Jensense blog, written by Jennifer Slegg, is a blog about Google’s AdSense program. While not technically about advertising on PPC, this blog talks about Google’s AdSense program (your AdWords ads will most likely be displayed on the AdSense program, on other websites), so it’s important to keep up with what’s going on and what’s important to the Google AdSense publishers.

If you’re interested in finding some other good pay-per-click blogs and recommended blog posts about pay-per-click, you might take a look at the Semmy PPC Award finalists in the PPC category.

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