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Take the Survey: Is Your Website Mobile Optimized?

Many experts predict that mobile commerce will eventually exceed traditional website sales. We wonder how many ecommerce sites are already optimized for mobile devices; and we’re curious what your view of mobile commerce really is. The goal of this month’s Practical eCommerce survey is to learn what readers think about the usefulness of mobile web devices and to predict their future use in ecommerce.

The March survey consists of four questions that seek your views on mobile web devices. We want to know if your business will likely be materially impacted by mobile commerce in the future, and whether your site is already optimized for mobile devices. We wonder if you use an iPhone, a Blackberry, or any other mobile web device. And, we wonder what type of business you are involved in.

The monthly Practical eCommerce surveys are designed to address specific topics of interest in ecommerce for the benefit of online merchants. We compile the responses of our readers, who are mostly ecommerce merchants, and the results are often surprising. More importantly, we believe that learning the views and experiences of other online merchants can be useful for planning ecommerce marketing and strategies.

We invite you to take our March survey and let us know how your company is handling mobile commerce. It only takes a moment since there are just four questions, and you’ll automatically be entered into a random drawing for a $25 Amazon gift certificate.

To take the survey, click here.

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