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Ten More Great Ecommerce Ideas

Practical eCommerce recently asked a number of industry insiders to share a great, innovative idea that could potentially help an ecommerce firm. Here’s what ten more of them had to say.

Work To Build Customer Loyalty

“In a world of high technology, it’s the personal touch that stands out. Build customer loyalty by adding unexpected little surprises to each order. Examples include free samples, a candy bar or simply a hand-written “thank you” card.”

Eric Shoup


eBay ProStores

Consider Affiliate Marketing

“Pick a time once per week to search for a product you can sell through an affiliate. You will build up new keyword content as you add affiliate pages and will generate profit for zero cost. It might be for a product you cannot have drop shipped or are not licensed to sell. We use this technique to generate revenue for the larger scooters we are not yet licensed to sell.”

Harvey Braswell


Tiger Motion, Inc.

Implement A Database

“Organize your information in a database. A database can store product and customer information and can easily help you to calculate growth, import into accounting software, create a website, ship orders, create catalogs, email newsletters, provide great customer service, market products, etc.”

Linda Winegar


Fidjiti, LLC

Examine The Wisdom Of Online Shoppers

“Retailers need to consider the collective wisdom of their shoppers, versus relying heavily on internal merchandisers, to effectively pair products that should be considered together for upsell and cross-sell. People’s behavior online — how much time they spend comparing two items, for example — better models how they are actually shopping and exploring complementary products.”

Mike Svatek

Director of Marketing and Product Management

Baynote, Inc.

Provide Something Of Value

“Earn your visitors’ time by providing something of value, ultimately earning their loyalty and their business. Studies as recent as 2007, by online marketing powerhouses KnowledgeStorm and MarketingSherpa, have found that white papers are the most frequently viewed content on a website, followed by product literature, media articles, case studies and online video.”

Steve Delgado

Marketing and Communications Director

Arial Software

Consider A Content Site

“Buy up a content site that ranks well in Google for relevant keywords and use it to market your products and drive PageRank to your ecommerce site. The best sites have high PageRank, a healthy Alexa rank, good inbound links with .edu and .gov links mixed in, lack of monetization, and are semi-abandoned.”

Stephan Spencer

Founder and President


Focus On What Works

“Rather than always looking for the “next big trend,” we recommend focusing on what’s known to work: Providing valuable, insightful product information that’s unavailable elsewhere. It motivates webmasters to link to you, creates keyword-rich content and instills customer confidence.”

Scott Fultz

President and Chief Technology Officer

Mountain Media

Turn Customers Into Repeat Buyers

“Transform transactions into relationships by collecting and using customer information to follow-up with customers and turn them into repeat buyers. Drive targeted email marketing and compelling promotions based on the customer information you have collected.”

Ralf VonSosen

Vice President of Marketing

Infopia, INC.

Use Social Networks To Boost Your Business

“Tap into online social networks to drive business to your site. The old way of advertising is dead. If you want online shoppers, you might as well be in places that your shoppers are using on a daily basis.”

Corey Kossack


The Club E Network

Make Sure An eBiz Is PCI/DSS Compliant

“Credit card companies, in an effort to combat fraud, are now demanding PCI DSS compliance of all merchants who accept credit cards. Get PCI DSS certified and prominently display your certification icon on your website. Your customers will feel safer and you will be better protected from lawsuits.”

Lisa Rionni


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  1. Legacy User November 27, 2007 Reply

    The easiest way to sell online is to sell something that you like and know a lot about. It also helps if you pick a niche product so you more easily find your target market. Taking these two steps will make it easier to use social networking sites, create effective, SEO friendly copy, and gain repeat customers.

    Michelle Greer
    Volusion Inc.

    — *Michelle Greer*

  2. Legacy User December 4, 2007 Reply

    Mr. Shoup hit the nail on the head. With all the technology an online merchant needs to be familiar with, SSL, Online Gateways, Packing Algorithms, etc. – it's easy to get off track. Remembering that "personal touch" is key to customer retention.

    — *Eric Anderson*

  3. Legacy User January 10, 2008 Reply

    I don't agree with Michelle. Easiest way to sell online is to sell something which others like. Today most money making web sites are Gift Shops and Online Matrimonial. Find what others like, get information about those products, develop a seo friendly web site and start selling.

    Zeeshan Dar

    — *Zeeshan Dar*