Top Ten Posts for November 2010

Each month, we compile a list of the ten most popular articles we published at Practical eCommerce that month, based on the number of page views. Here are our ten most popular articles for November 2010.

8 Steps to Social Media Success

The subject of social media typically garners a great deal of interest among our readers, and this social media article captured the top spot in November. Read this success checklist to learn the best ways to get started in social media marketing.

3 Group Coupon Companies for Purely Online Merchants

Groupon has become a wildly popular group coupon site among online businesses, but it is not the only group coupon service available. Discover the advantages of three alternate group coupon services: DealPop, Offerpop and Wildfire.

RockMelt, The Next Social Browser?

Here is an overview of a new web browser called RockMelt. Its most intriguing feature is the ability to integrate with Facebook so that friends can easily share pages and posts. This article details RockMelt’s Facebook integration and a few of its other key features.

Serial Entrepreneur Explains Venture Capital Process

The subject of this interview with RatePoint founder and CEO Neal Creighton is how to raise venture capital. Creighton reviews his past experiences in raising capital, and he explains the pros and cons of the venture capital process for the benefit of our readers.

6 Reasons to Use URL Redirects

There are many reasons to redirect web pages, and this article covers six of the main ones. Internet marketing expert Michael Stearns explains the difference between temporary and permanent redirects, and he details some of the easiest ways to set up URL redirects.

8 Last Minute Holiday-Sales Boosters

This article found favor with readers seeking a last-minute boost in holiday sales. It contains eight timely tips to help streamline ecommerce processes and provide more incentive for Internet customers to shop and buy.

7 Blog Platforms for 3 Methods of Blogging

Practical eCommerce’s social media director, Paul Chaney, breaks blogging down into three tiers described as “long form,” “lifestreaming” and “micro-blogging.” In this article, Chaney takes an updated look at seven popular blogging platforms, detailing the unique attributes of each.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising: 12 Tips to Boost Holiday Performance

The holiday season is no time to start experimenting with advertising. Here is a roundup of 12 easy-to-implement PPC tips meant to immediately improve click-through rates and return on investment, especially over the holidays.

LinkedIn’s New ‘Company Pages’ Showcase Products, Recommendations

Business media platform LinkedIn recently launched a new version of its company profiles called “Company Pages” that allows merchants to showcase products, services and associated recommendations. Here is an overview of the new feature, and some advice for making the most of your LinkedIn Company Page.

Optimizing Your Email Frequency: A 5-Step Plan

Too many emails can trigger unsubscribes, while too few emails can cause a loss of marketing momentum. This article is meant to help each ecommerce merchant build the right email frequency strategy to suit his or her individual business.

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