Top Ten Posts for October 2010

Each month, we compile a list of the ten most popular articles we published at Practical eCommerce that month, based on the number of page views. Here are our ten most popular articles for October 2010.

Top 10 Converting Websites: The 3 Common Strategies

In this third article in our series on the top 10 converting ecommerce sites, conversion expert Charles Nicholls analyzes what the top converting sites have in common. He also outlines three key conversion strategies that every merchant should consider.

The 4-Step Twitter Strategy

Social media guru Paul Chaney offers a four-step strategy for maximizing Twitter’s value: Listen, Follow, Engage, and Measure. Then he explains exactly how to do it.

5 Timesaving Social Networking Tools

If your social media efforts need expedited, check out this list of five social networking tools. Each application was designed to help social marketers organize their efforts and save time in the process.

Ten Great Ecommerce Ideas for October 2010

Each month we tap the expertise of our readers and industry insiders and compile a list of their helpful suggestions to promote ecommerce success. Here’s the October list.

5 Essential Firefox Add-ons

There are more than 13,000 browser extensions in the Firefox Add-on directory, some helpful and some not so much. Here, we have chosen five Firefox add-ons that we think every serious web surfer should have.

8 Keyboard Shortcuts for Internet Explorer 9

If you really want to get the most out of Internet Explorer’s newest version, here is eight easy-to-remember keyboard shortcuts. They could turn you from an average IE user into a power user.

‘Deal-of-the-Day’ Coupons Help Merchants Attract Customers; 4 Tips

There is a great deal of interest among our readers in deal-of-the-day advertising. This article introduces the concept of social networking to daily deal marketing, extending deal-of-the-day promotions beyond the their best-known platform, Groupon.

Shopping Cart FAQ: How to Evaluate SEO Effectiveness

Our new monthly column on online shopping carts caught the eye of readers in its debut appearance. In it, ecommerce expert Jon Hos explains how to evaluate a cart’s SEO qualities.

4 Rules for Marketing on Twitter

Although there are no hard and fast rules for Twitter marketing, careless users can easily run afoul of unwritten rules and end up in a social media quagmire. Social commerce expert Paul Chaney offers four tips to keep your Twitter marketing on the up-and-up.

Google Apps: Free Business Tools, Plus Collaboration Services

Since the 2006 introduction of Gmail, Google has extended its suite of excellent, free, web-based business tools. Over the years, the number of Google apps (and those who use them) has continued to grow, and there are now more than 3 million businesses that rely on Google apps for improved productivity and collaboration.

And One More

9 Mouse Gestures For the Opera Browser

This article went live on September 28—too late to garner enough page views to be included in “September Top Ten,” and too early for the October list. But it received so many October views that it far outpaced all the other articles. That is why it deserves a mention in our October Top Ten.

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