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Volunteer for a Free Mobile-Optimized Ecommerce Site

Editor’s Note: We published the following article seeking a merchant for our forthcoming mobile optimization series. Many merchants replied, and we selected, a seller of mobile device “skins,” or coverings. You can follow our series on mobile optimizing DecalGirls’ ecommerce site, starting with the first installment, at “Optimizing an Ecommerce Site for Mobile Devices, Part 1: Getting Started.”

Practical eCommerce is looking for an ecommerce merchant to participate in our upcoming mobile-optimization series. In this feature, we will work with a web developer to optimize a live ecommerce site, step-by-step. We’ll file installments here on how the process works and the hurdles to overcome. The series will serve as a case study for other merchants and provide insight into the mobile development process.

We’ve teamed up an experienced mobile developer who specializes in optimizing websites for a variety of mobile devices. Now we are seeking a merchant with a non-mobilized site to volunteer for a free mobile makeover.

Have you been considering developing a mobile site but have been unable to do it yourself or pay a developer? Here is your chance for a free mobile site. You can use a licensed, hosted or open source cart. We prefer an ecommerce site that’s been running for at least several years with many different SKUs.

Pay No Money

The offer comes without strings attached. But we do have requirements of our participant. You’ll need work with us a few hours every week to develop your site. The process could take a couple of months, or so. Because we will work it in easily digestible pieces, the process might take longer than it ordinarily would. And you’ll need to share with our readers aspects of the your business that you might not otherwise do. This includes details on your ecommerce platform, search provider, inventory, shipping and more.

If you volunteer and are selected for mobilization, you will not have to pay a cent for the development service. You will get a site that is mobile optimized to your specifications, and, most importantly, you will be helping other merchants learn about this process so they can benefit from the vast expansion in mobile traffic.

Email Us, with Details

If you are interested in participating, please email, and include the following information:

  • A link to your site;
  • A short overview of your business;
  • Your ecommerce platform or shopping cart;
  • Your name, email address and phone number;
  • Any other relevant details about you or your business.
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