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What Do You Dislike About Your Shopping Cart?

Readers weigh in on what they would like to see improved with their carts.


“We offer live UPS shipping rates, but for some reason 1ShoppingCart is only set up for commercial rates. It should default to residential rates. I would guess there are five residential buyers to each commercial buyer on the web, probably more. Why any shopping cart would neglect this very important requirement is beyond me. We even provided the one line of code from UPS Support that was needed to set it up. We have been through three carts, and they all had major failings in one way or another for the poor shopping sense they created.”

Ron Jonas, Sales And Systems Design

SELLS: Equipment for the handcrafted body care products industry

osCommerce 2.2

“Being a full-time software developer, I choose osCommerce 2.2 as the shopping cart solution for my site, and I have done extensive PHP modifications to the standard system. What I least like about it is that the 2.2 version still uses table-based layouts, instead of the more modern div-based layouts. This makes it much harder to change the overall look and feel of the site. Version 3.0, which I am currently running offline, addresses many of the “under-the-hood” osCommerce 2.2 shortcomings, and I look forward to implementing the new version as soon as possible.”

Mark Enriquez, Owner

SELLS: Flowers and gifts


“The feature I like least about our LiteCommerce shopping cart is the listings of coupon codes. It displays all the customers who have redeemed each coupon, so you must scroll through thousands of redeemed orders to get to the bottom of the page when you create a new coupon. It would be great if there was an option to expand and contract these lists.”

Beth Sheets, Partner

SELLS: Baby leg warmers and clothing

Pinnacle Cart

“There’s not much I dislike about my shopping cart. The main thing would be the lack of a condensed checkout feature, but I hear this is now available with the new release. Also, there are not many good third-party developers available with Pinnacle Cart, but Webapptron and Reaching Edge have it covered.”

Cole Webb, Director of Ecommerce Division

SELLS: Educational furniture

Yahoo! Cart

“I find my Yahoo! cart to be excellent. However, my previous cart was an absolute nightmare and caused me many problems. I was unable to offer coupons, cross-sell items or incorporate gift certificates. The price was outrageous for the features that were available, and I found myself constantly frustrated with the lack of support. I believe it is essential for any small business in a competitive market to avoid carts without at least the ability to cross-sell. I wasted a lot of money because of it.”

James Allen, President

SELLS: GPS equipment and accessories

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