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Shawn Arnold

Shawn Arnold

Shawn Arnold is an ecommerce and marketing pro in Birmingham, Alabama. With nearly 10 years of experience, he believes that every success starts with a sound strategy followed by great planning on how to execute. He leads change and builds ecommerce and marketing programs from the ground up.

After learning the basics at a local web agency, Shawn went on to tackle new challenges at Red Diamond, one of the oldest coffee and tea manufacturers in North America. He built a social media program that grew to over a quarter of a million followers. He then developed a large-scale ecommerce program, which continues to serve customers nationwide.

Shawn now oversees all ecommerce and marketing efforts for Turner Supply, one of the largest independently owned industrial distributors in North America. Here he has the opportunity to build, implement, and ultimately establish ecommerce as an essential sales channel for Turner Supply. Now leading an innovative marketing program built around Turner Supply’s long-term business goals, his passion for the people, processes, and potential of the industry remains strong.

Connect with Shawn on LinkedIn, or email him anytime.