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Viktoria Kanevsky

Viktoria Kanevsky

Viktoria Kanevsky is an ecommerce and digital marketing consultant from Los Angeles who specializes in fashion, lifestyle (beauty, pets, and restaurants), and fitness businesses. Her primary focus is how to build, run, and profit from an online presence with a tight budget.

Viktoria is the former head of digital at LAShowroom, the largest online fashion marketplace in the U.S., as well as Ed Hardy, the multimillion dollar fashion retailer.

She has worked with leading brands such as Hale Bob, Electric Yoga, Disney, Playboy, Roca Wear, Super Dry, 7 Jeans, Broaderband, Living Doll, Poetic Justice Jeans,, Hoyle, Broderbund, and many more, as well as wholesalers and local businesses.

Viktoria holds B.S. in Fine Arts and Architecture from Kharkiv State University in the Ukraine, an M.B.A. from American InterContinental University, and an internet marketing certification from U.C.L.A. She has spoken at industry conferences such as eTail and Internet Retailer.

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