Cross-border Selling

Charts: 2020 Cross-border Ecommerce Purchases by Country

Advances in technology and logistics have facilitated the growth of cross-border ecommerce sales.  We’ve analyzed data from 2020 for the total retail ecommerce purchases by country versus the amount of cross-border purchases and the percentage of cross-border to the total.

For example, in 2020 U.S. consumers purchased roughly $795 billion in retail goods online. Of those, $270.1 billion were cross-border purchases, representing 34% of the total.  Consumers in China, according to our data, purchased just $34 billion in retail goods from other countries in 2020. We caution, however, that obtaining data on Chinese consumer activity is difficult and often unreliable.


Next, having established the amount of cross-border purchases by country, we analyzed the top-selling countries for each. For example, the consumers in the U.S. purchased $270.1 billion of cross-border retail goods online in 2020. Of those, 49% came from China-based merchants and 12% from the U.K.

We analyzed eight countries below, showing the top two selling partners for each and their percentage of the total.


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