Charts: Most Valuable Global Brands 2021

Kantar Group is a London-based analytics and brand consulting company. Its annual “Most Valuable Global Brands,” launched in 2006, is a must-read for industry participants. The list contains 100 brands based on their underlying financial data and Kantar’s research with 170,000 consumers in roughly 50 countries.

Amazon maintained its position in 2021 for the third straight year as the world’s most valuable brand, growing by 64% to $684 billion in brand value. It became the first half a trillion-dollar brand, alongside Apple, at number two, valued at $612 billion.

Tech Brands Rule

All of 2020’s top 10 most valuable brands returned to the top tier in 2021 — with some fluctuation. Google passed Microsoft to reclaim the number three ranking, behind Apple at number two.

Technology-driven brands account for more than half of the value in the top 100. Leading social networking, electronics, and business services brands such as Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft, as well as tech-enabled retailers Amazon and Pinduoduo, are included in this figure.

Tesla is the fastest growing brand and the most valuable car brand, growing its value in 2021 by 275% to $43 billion, roughly doubled. Others include Chinese brands Moutai, Meituan, TikTok, and Pinduoduo.


This year’s top 100 includes 13 newcomers, led by Nvidia, a computer hardware firm, which ranks 12th in the 2021 rankings as the top new entrant.

Sector Trends

The brand value of many global sectors is accelerating, although technology brands are the growth leaders.


The retail category includes drug, electrical, do-it-yourself, and home furnishings, as well as distributors for grocery and department stores. Roughly 80% of Amazon’s sales are from retail, which is why it appears in that classification.

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