Charts: Top Ecommerce Sites by Traffic, Q2 2024

The definition of an “ecommerce” company varies depending on the source. Should “ecommerce” include only companies that sell their own inventory? Or does it also include platforms and tech providers that serve those sellers?

To Similarweb, “Ecommerce & Shopping” companies include retailers, marketplaces, and tech platforms. Here are Similarweb’s estimates of the most visited sites in that category.

With 2.3 billion visits in May 2024, was by far the most widely visited ecommerce site in the world. eBay was second at roughly 708 million.

Moreover,’s dominance in the United States remained clear.

With 132 million visits, Taobao was China’s most popular ecommerce site in May 2024. held the top spot in May as the most visited ecommerce site in the United Kingdom, with coming in second.

Adel Boukarroum
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