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Charts: Top Global Retailers 2022

The top 250 global retailers achieved year-on-year revenue growth in 2022 of 8.5%. That’s according to Deloitte’s annual “Global Powers of Retailing 2023” report (PDF) released in February.

The report examines the world’s 250 largest retailers — online and in-store — by analyzing publicly available data for the fiscal year ending between July 1, 2021, to June 30, 2022. The report focuses on the top 250 retailers by revenue, highlighting the fastest-growing companies and new entrants. It also forecasts revenue growth for 2023, explores sustainability trends, and offers insights into the future of retail stores.

Additionally, the report examines the revenue performance of the top 250 retailers by region based on their headquarters location, which may not align with where they derive most of their sales. The report attributes 100% of sales to the region where the headquarters are situated.

The report also examines the performance of the top 250 retailers based on their primary product sector: apparel and accessories, fast-moving consumer goods, hardlines and leisure goods, and diversified. A company is assigned to a specific sector if at least 50% of its retail revenue comes from that particular product category. If none of the sectors account for more than 50% of a company’s retail revenue, it is categorized as diversified.

The National Retail Federation, the world’s largest retail trade association, released in March 2023 its annual list of the top retailers, assembled by Kantar, a consultancy and data provider.

The “2023 Top 50 Global Retailers” ranks the top retailers worldwide based on revenue from the beginning of 2022. To be included in the ranking, retailers need a direct presence in at least three countries.

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