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ChatGPT Prompts for Text Analysis

ChatGPT can analyze content, not just produce it. What follows are six ChatGPT prompts to improve text for search engine optimization and social media.

6 Prompts for Text Analysis

“Extract SEO keywords from [TEXT].” ChatGPT can quickly identify optimized keyword phrases from any post.

Based on the provided content, here are some SEO keywords that this content is optimized for:1. Social media marketing 2. Business marketing 3. Social media platforms 4. Social media strategy 5. Brand awareness 6. Audience engagement 7. Social media advertising 8. Marketing goals 9. Content strategy 10. Analytics 11. Social media campaigns 12. Diverse content 13. Consistent branding

ChatGPT can quickly identify optimized keyword phrases from any post. Click image to enlarge.

But don’t stop there. Ask:

  • “How did you identify these keywords?”
  • “What is the frequency for each keyword in the text?”
  • “Identify long-tail keywords in the text and their frequency.”
  • “Classify those keywords by search intent and frequency.”
  • “This is another post on the same topic: [TEXT]. Which keywords are missing based on your previous analysis?”
  • “Which of the above posts is better and why?”
  • “For both posts, extract and compare keywords from subheadings. Which subheadings are better optimized?”

Keep interacting with the tool until its responses lose meaning. Some responses may provide ideas for more prompts. You’ll likely garner many ideas on improving your pages.

“Create a semantic analysis of my competitor’s content: [TEXT].” Semantic analysis extracts meaning from text by understanding the relationships between words and their context. Google uses semantic analysis to assign organic rankings.

I have been prompting ChatGPT to suggest what my articles should include or focus on. A helpful prompt is “Extract semantic concepts and entities from [TEXT].”

To understand why a post is not ranking well for a query, ask ChatGPT to compare semantically a higher-ranking page to yours: “Compare the previous article to [TEXT]. Are they semantically close?”

You can even request a comparison table: “Compare the previous two articles and create a table listing common and missing semantic concepts and entities.” From that prompt, ChatGPT created a table listing the semantic concepts it could identify in each article.

3-column table titled "Semantic Concepts/Entities." Column 1 is the name of the concept or entity. Columns 2 and 3 are, respectively, Article 1 and Article 2, using the words "Yes" and "No."

ChatGPT can create tables listing semantic concepts from articles. Click image to enlarge.

This output was useful but not too readable. So I requested a better visual using checkmarks and red X’s.

3-column table titled "Semantic Concepts/Entities. Column 1 is the name of the concept or entity. Columns 2 and 3 are, respectively, Article 1 and Article 2. This version uses checkmarks and red X's, not "Yes" and "No."

The original table was hard to read. This one uses checkmarks and red Xs. Click image to enlarge.

Engage with ChatGPT until it generates the right result. If a result is not helpful, tell ChatGPT. The tool will follow your revised instructions and react accordingly.

“What prompt will generate similar quality and tone as [TEXT]?” Asking ChatGPT to reverse engineer a post will result in other helpful prompts.

“Analyze this article [TEXT] and generate Q&As, takeaways, and an editable comparison table.” Improving your (or your contributor’s) content using ChatGPT could help the page to get featured, rank in “People also ask” boxes, and earn FAQ rich snippets.

“Create a shorter version of [TEXT] for Linkedin and Medium that entices followers on those platforms to click through and read the original.”

Syndicating content to external sites such as Medium and Linkedin can engage followers, but copying and pasting entire articles create duplicate content. ChatGPT makes it easy to repurpose content for followers and encourages them to read the full version on your site.

“Create 10 posts from [TEXT] for Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, and Twitter that entice followers to click the link to read the article.”

Writing click-worthy posts for social media can be time-consuming. ChatGPT can do the job quickly. It can even add hashtags when prompted. You need only to add the URL. In my testing, longer prompts can result in ChatGPT losing the request and, instead, offering a summary or analysis. In these cases, follow up with shortened, direct requests.

1. "Discover the secrets to success in the digital age! Check out my latest article and unlockyour full potential. #SuccessTips #DigitalAgeInsights" 2. "Looking for inspiration to fuel your creativity? Dive into my article and unleash your imagination! #CreativeSpark #InspirationUnleashed" 3. "Want to stay ahead of the competition? Learn the latest strategies and trends in my article and dominate your industry. #BusinessStrategy #IndustryInsights" 4. "Calling all entrepreneurs! Don't miss out on my article with invaluable advice for startups. Get ready to conquer the business world! #StartupLife #Entrepreneurship" 5. "Ready to level up your productivity? Discover the game-changing techniques shared in my article and accomplish more than ever before! #ProductivityHacks #MaximizeSuccess" 6. "Attention, job seekers! Find out how to land your dream job in today's competitive market. Read my article for expert tips and insider knowledge. #CareerAdvice #DreamJob" 7. "Unlock the secrets of personal development and achieve your goals with ease. Dive into my article and embark on a transformative journey. #PersonalGrowth #GoalSetting" 8. "Calling all tech enthusiasts! Discover the latest innovations and breakthroughs in my article, and stay at the forefront of technology. #TechNews #Innovation" 9. "Curious about the future of Al? Explore my article to unravel the possibilities and understand how artificial intelligence is shaping our world. #AIRevolution #FutureTech" 10. "Attention, wanderlusts! Get ready to plan your next adventure with my article filled with travel tips and hidden gems. Let's explore the world together! #Travelinspiration #Wanderlust"

ChatGPT can generate social media posts from supplied text. Click image to enlarge.

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