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My Top 6 Conversion Tactics for 2021

Despite the unprecedented changes in 2020, the standard ecommerce usability requirements remain constant: simplify navigation, ensure mobile-friendliness, and streamline the checkout process.

But there are plenty more conversion tactics merchants should deploy heading into 2021. Here are my top six below.

6 Conversion Tactics for 2021

Targeted email campaigns. Sending the same email to your entire list isn’t the best practice. Targeting customers based on purchases and interests produces more conversions. There’s little reason for a sporting goods store to promote basketball to those interested only in golf. Segment subscribers to better target what each wants.

You can always include links to other products in the footer. And continue emailing the entire database for storewide sales and unique features.

An attractive rewards program. Loyalty programs reward customers based on the amount of money they spend. Take things up a notch by providing additional benefits, such as first dibs on limited and exclusive items, special pricing on select goods, and free shipping after a set period of buying.

Place what you stand for front and center. 2020’s events caused many consumers to scrutinize companies’ ideals. Make sure shoppers know of your key charities and causes. More people than ever want to patronize stores whose priorities align with their own.

Avoid politics and religion, however, unless they are the focus of your business.

Spotlight your staff. Consumers want to know who their money helps — from the cleaning crew to tech support. Take a cue from Crutchfield and Zappos. Both regularly feature employees and emphasize their importance to the company.

Photo of several Crutchfield employees

Crutchfield incorporates employee photos, videos, and personal stories.

Emphasize value. Give your shoppers more purchasing power. Consumers are looking for the best overall value, not necessarily the cheapest items. Subscriptions are helpful for replenishable products. Volume pricing can entice people to buy in quantities and allow families and friends to group their purchases, resulting in higher average order values for the business and lower prices for customers.

Offer many ways to pay. Roughly 70 percent of Digital Commerce 360’s top 1,000 stores accept PayPal. Loyal Apple users enjoy the convenience and enhanced security of Apple Pay. Other popular methods for mobile shoppers include Amazon Payments, Stripe, and Google Pay. Buy now, pay later is increasingly popular.

In other words, people have preferred ways to pay, and it’s not always a credit card. Offering multiple payment methods can help almost every demographic. Limited payment options can result in a lost sale.

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