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Reddit Is a Marketing Goldmine

Reddit is a growing source of leads and insights for seemingly any business. Reddit posts rank organically for many Google queries and appear frequently in the “Discussions and forums” search result section.

The posts — all user-generated — reveal brand awareness, sentiment, and much more.

Here are four AI tools to search, analyze, and summarize content on Reddit.

1. GummySearch

GummySearch analyzes Reddit to:

  • Locate and connect with customers,
  • Search with advanced filters,
  • Track keywords related to a business,
  • Summarize and extract insights from posts.

To start, search Reddit using one or more keywords and select Subreddits to engage with. GummySearch will then create a dashboard and assign categories to the active discussions, enabling further discovery.

Filtering by keyword also provides a quick summary of every thread and a link.

Screenshot of a GummySearch dashboard.

GummySearch creates dashboards based on the query and assigns categories to the active discussions. Click image to enlarge.

GummySearch helps monitor Subreddits and engage with discussions relevant to your company or product. It’s handy for learning customers’ pain points, brainstorming content ideas, and generating sales leads.

The free plan is limited to 50 searches. Paid plans start at $29 a month and include keyword alerts, content insights, Subreddit analysis, and more.

2. Marketing Blocks

Marketing Blocks is an AI-powered content-generation suite that integrates with Reddit. Input a keyword, and the tool will pull related discussion titles from Reddit and add them to an on-platform content brief. It then generates an AI response to those titles.

Screenshot of output from Marketing Blocks

Marketing Blocks pulls related Reddit discussions based on the inputted keyword. Click image to enlarge.

Marketing Blocks is helpful for addressing prospects’ concerns and suggestions, unavailable via traditional keyword research.

Paid plans start at $47 per month with a free five-day trial (credit card required).

3. GigaBrain

GigaBrain searches Reddit by keyword and summarizes the findings using generative AI. Clicking on any listed Subreddit enables additional filtering. Further down is the list of threads and comments based on the query, to analyze and condense.

Screenshot of GigaBrain output for "What is Godaddy."

GigaBrain searches Reddit by keyword (“What is Godaddy”) and summarizes the findings using generative AI. Click image to enlarge.

GigaBrain reveals discussions on Reddit for a brand, products, and competitors. It’s also helpful for discovering the words and phrases of consumers to include in your own content.

GigaBrain is a cloud-based platform with a companion Chrome extension. Both are free.

4. Profiler

Profiler is a free AI-powered Chrome extension to analyze the activity of any Reddit user, streamlining outreach and audience research.

I ran the tool on a user profile. Here are the results:

  • Interests: The user is interested in podcasts (specifically “LightsCameraPodcast”), movie and television discussions, sports commentary (e.g., “PardonMyTake,” “barstoolsports”), and seems to have a particular focus on “KingOfTheHill,” “LOTR_on_Prime,” and local Connecticut topics.
  • Profession: Indicated being a former teacher in 2018; current profession unknown.
  • Sentiment analysis: Overall mixed sentiment, with many negative comments (“hate,” “stupid,” “worry,” “bad”) balanced with some positive expressions (“thanks,” “great,” “love,” “awesome”). This user expresses strong opinions with a sense of humor.
  • Political leanings: No explicit political stance observed, but does not shy from harsh criticism, which may imply skepticism toward various subjects.
  • Psychological traits: Critical, candid, possibly dealing with a past of loneliness or dissatisfaction (e.g., from the heartfelt post about the podcast). Uses humor as a coping mechanism. Opinionated.
  • Gender: Likely a male given the use of “brother” and other context clues within the comments.
  • Religion: No direct information provided.
  • Origin/ethnicity: Likely American, specifically from or has lived in Connecticut, as evidenced by repeated references.
  • Behavior patterns: Engages frequently with entertainment-related content, is critical of media content, and often interacts in community discussions with humor and sarcasm.
  • Bot or human: Human user based on the diversity and personal nature of posts and comments.
  • Other: Engages predominantly in communities associated with popular culture and entertainment. Seems to appreciate humor but also has moments of serious reflection. Formerly engaged in a long-distance relationship and faced personal struggles, which he overcame with support from his podcast community.
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