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SEO Product Releases: July 2023

Robust search engine optimization relies on the latest technology and tools. What follows are 10 recent releases and upgrades from SEO tech providers.

SEO Product Releases

Ahrefs launches Web Explorer. Ahrefs’ new Web Explorer uses the platform’s own search engine, Yep, to (i) research companies that rank for your target keywords, (ii) identify backlinks and anchor texts of any page, and (iii) understand SEO signals that help any page rank for a specific term. Access to Web Explorer requires Ahrefs’ Advanced subscription at $399 a month.

Screenshot of Ahrefs Web Explorer page

Ahrefs Web Explorer

Text Optimizer adds AI for semantically optimized copy. Text Optimizer is a semantic analysis and optimization tool. Its new AI integration provides users the option to create optimized text from scratch — handy for FAQs, YouTube descriptions, product pages, and more. The copy then tracks how many related terms and concepts it includes. Text Optimizer costs $60 per month, including the AI feature.

Semrush creates SERP Gap Analyzer. The new tool scans the first page of Google’s search results to find weaknesses and suggests keywords for optimization. Users provide their domain and target keywords. The report takes about 15 minutes. The feature is included in all Semrush plans, which start at $119.95 per month.

BrightLocal launches “Active Sync” API. Submitting a site to all local directories wastes time, as many have little traffic and poor ongoing maintenance. BrightLocal’s new Active Sync API connects with active directories that consumers use. It then maintains those listings by (i) blocking edits from external sources, (ii) syncing your listing data across Google, Apple, Facebook, and Bing, and (iii) updating all listings simultaneously when needed. Active Sync is an $8 per-month add-on to an existing BrightLocal subscription, which starts at $35 per month.

Screenshot of BrightLocal Active Sync

BrightLocal Active Sync

Buzzsumo releases content syndication study. Buzzsumo has recently published its huge content syndication study providing tactics for promoting articles, research, and more. The study found that almost 90% of the top 100 publications link to other publications in the top 100, and local stories are the most likely to get syndicated. Getting featured in Business Insider will typically help syndicate a story to other powerful publications, per the study. The research is a must-read for search optimizers looking for mentions and links. It is available for free without a login.

AccuRanker revamps tag cloud for better keyword organization. AccuRanker is a keyword rank-tracking and analysis tool. AccuRanker’s tag cloud helps build a hierarchy of categories — i.e., tags — in folders, making it easier to track large keyword groups. The tool aggregates essential keyword data within a group, including search volume, current and past positions, and more. Pricing for AccuRanker starts at $116 per month for 1,000 keywords.

JetOctopus launches API for data integration. JetOctopus, an advanced and multi-feature web crawler, has created an API allowing users to integrate crawl data into their internal reports, charts, and applications. The API includes basic features such as scheduling crawls, building projects, and more. Pricing for JetOctopus starts at $171 per month for 100,000 page crawls.

Screenshot of JetOctopus home page


Surfer introduces AI for optimized content. Surfer is an SEO platform for optimized content, keyword analysis, and more. Surfer’s new AI content generator claims to create “undetectable” human-like copy. Per Surfer, coming releases will include features to add internal and external links and embed videos. In my experience, AI copy is suitable for landing pages and similar, but humans produce the best professional articles and informational content. Pricing for Surfer starts at $69 per month.

Sitechecker upgrades dashboard for essential SEO metrics. Sitechecker is an all-in-one web crawler, keyword rank tracker, site monitor, and backlink tracker. Sitechecker’s new Dashboard 2.0 — providing essential metrics for rankings, traffic, social media — offers better usability to toggle between metrics, enhanced customization for marketing goals, and much more. Sitechecker’s pricing starts at $33 per month.

InLinks launches ChatGPT-driven social media tool. InLinks “is an award-winning SEO tool that will improve your search visibility.” InLinks’ new social media tool scans your site, detects keywords, and then uses ChatGPT API to generate actual posts and captions. The new feature is timely considering how search engines are harnessing social media. InLinks’ free plan includes the social media tool, content schema optimization, and minimal keyword analysis. Paid plans start at $39 per month.

InLinks Social Media Management

InLinks Social Media Management

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