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22 New Productivity Apps in August 2012

The month of August brought file-managing apps, scheduling and calendar apps, several browsers, tools for taking and sending notes, and a Pinterest app to organize your inspirations.

Here is a list of August’s new mobile productivity apps for Android, Apple iOS, and Windows Phone. There are both paid and free apps.


Pinterest. Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. Browse pinboards created by other people and get inspiration from people who share your interests. Price: Free.

Download Manager. Download Manager allows you to save any email attachment or downloaded file, even formats that your email client and web browser normally can’t handle, such as Microsoft Word and Excel documents. Price: Free.

i-Explorer. i-Explorer is a file manager for Android phones. Cut, copy, move, remove, rename and highlight your smartphone files. Price: Free.

Android Flash Player M-Browser. Android Flash Player M-Browser can play and browse Flash files and other media files on your Android phone. Browse and search the SWF file and other media files — such as video, audio, image, doc. Price: Free.

Disk Defragmenter. Increase your phone performance by defragmenting your SD card. Defragmenting increases access speed by rearranging files to occupy contiguous storage locations. Price: Free.

Dolphin Browser Beta. Dolphin Browser Beta is a high-performance HTML5 browser. Dolphin Browser Beta (with Dolphin Engine) is an improved webkit version of the Dolphin browser, with extensive enhancements for fast HTML5 rendering. Price: Free.

Regularly. Regularly helps you keep track of your repeating tasks. It features a ranking system to quickly see which tasks are currently behind schedule. Tasks are colored according to their urgency, so that overdue tasks stand out. Price: Free.

All-In-One Toolbox. All-In-One Toolbox provides system-optimizing techniques, including real-time memory information, one click memory boosting, task killer, cache cleaner, history cleaner, and SD file manager. It helps optimize your device to run at top speed. Price: Free.

Nozbe. Nozbe is a task, projects and time manager, based on the Getting Things Done methodology. Up to 5 projects free (includes project sharing), a premium subscription is needed for more projects. Price: Free.

Apple iOS

Moleskine Journal. Enjoy the look and feel of classic Moleskine notebooks. Enjoy all the things you usually do with your Moleskine journals. Price: Free.

Drafts for iPad. Drafts is a quick, easy way to capture and share text. Get that text down quickly and decide what to do with it later. Send text to Twitter, Facebook, email, SMS, or a Calendar event. Quickly save to Dropbox or Evernote, or forward it to other apps. Price: $2.99.

Textastic Code Editor for iPhone. Textastic is a fast and versatile text, code, and markup editor, supporting syntax highlighting of over 80 programming and markup languages. Connect to FTP, SFTP and WebDAV servers or to your Dropbox account. Price: $4.99.

Today Calendar. Today Calendar makes it easy to view your appointments, with a twist: today’s appointments are shown in great detail, tomorrow’s in less detail, up to a week in the future, so that everything you need to know is right in front of you on one friendly screen. Price: $1.99.

Staccal. Staccal is a calendar app with 11 types of layouts. Access vertical scroll in month or week view, grid week view, multiple day views, search view, and more. Price: $3.99.

My Clock Station Pro. My Clock Station Pro is a functional multi-purpose alarm system. It includes a note and memo section, calculator, flashlight, nap timer, and dual alarm. Price: Free.

Windows Phone

Call List. Call List automates the dialing of a group of contacts. It allows you to set up agendas and take notes from the calls. It will dial a list of numbers with just two clicks. Price: $1.49.

Webmaster Tools. With this application you can query websites’ Page Speed Score, Google Backlinks, Alexa Global Ranking, Google Index, Yandex Index, and Bing. Store historical values. Also use the URL shortening service. Price: Free.

Contact Sender. Send your contact details. Choose what to send to others via SMS or email. You can send it to your own contacts or to someone else. Price: Free.

Vable Browser Classic. Vable Browser is an Internet Explorer 9 based browser with extended features. Browse websites quickly and easily. Price: Free.

Notify. Notify is a simple and intuitive application for composing, reading, and managing quick notes. Price: Free.

Nota. Nota is a simple note-taking app with a modern user interface. It’s theme aware — customizable with your phone’s theme. Price: Free.

My Templates. My Templates is a handy tool to create, manage and use your SMS and email templates. Price: $0.99.

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  1. Haim At Iqtell August 29, 2012 Reply

    IQTELL would love to get reviewed by you for next month’s New productivity apps post, we’re currently in beta and our users already describe us as a productivity Swiss army knife…Do you want to check us out? Register on our site and we’ll gladly take you on an app grand tour!

  2. Tanya Vysochanska August 30, 2012 Reply

    Thanks! Now I know what tools I need on my phone.

  3. jonathanwills September 25, 2012 Reply

    Hey guys you can also download the Future Scheduler app(paid), it’s pretty cool.

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