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10 Geolocation Apps for Business

You need to be places. With geolocation mobile apps — which attach real-world locations to mobile phones — you now have the tools manage the location of your business wherever you are.

Establish when and where you receive information, track your peers’ in real-time, extend your collaboration, and redefine the boundaries of your office.

Here is a list of 10 mobile applications that focus on the changing location of business.

1. Google Latitude and Google Maps for Mobile

Google Latitude is a geolocation app that is part of Google Maps for mobile. It enables you to share your location with others, such as co-workers or clients, as well as see their locations. Check in at places to let others know you’ve arrived. Share, set, or hide your location at any time. Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Mobile. Price: App is free.

Google Latitude for mobile.

Google Latitude for mobile.

2. Google Buzz for Mobile

Google Buzz for mobile lets you post real-time geotagged updates to your Google Buzz feed that appear on Google’s mobile maps. Used in conjunction with Latitude, this is an excellent resource for collaboration among team members. Also Buzz uses your location to identify places around you. Select a location and tag it to your posts, or read what peers have posted about it. Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Mobile. Price: App is free.

3. DoubleDutch

DoubleDutch offers custom-built apps for conferences and tradeshows. Using geofencing — a virtual boundary or perimeter — DoubleDutch can attach content, like agendas or handouts, to a location, as well as help attendees share information and network. Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Phone 7. Price: Pricing varies.

4. Neer

Share the place you choose with the people you choose. Another geofencing app, Neer allows you set your locations — office, site, restaurant — and your Inner Circle of co-workers, clients, and associates. Neer lets your contacts know when you’ve arrived and when you’ve left. Set a location aware To Do, and Neer will remind you about it when you’ve arrive at the location. Android, iPhone. Price: App is free.



5. Plancast

Enter your plans, such as a conference or event you are planning to attend. Then search for the best events and activities going on around you, as well as the plans of your peers. iPhone. Price: App is free.

6. Glympse

With this geolocation app, you control who sees where you are and when. Follow employee locations in real-time. Great for people who are on the go, but still need to keep in touch internally. Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile. Price: App is free.

7. GroupMe

Create a private text chat room by grouping people in your contact list. Add your location to any message sent, and see group members on a map.
Android, Blackberry, iPhone. Price: App is free.



8. Hashable

Keep track of people you meet and where you meet them. Send your virtual business card and build your Hashable Inner Circle. Every time you meet with someone, you can tag the location and share the interaction. Get real-time updates on who your friends are meeting. Android, iPhone. Price: App is free.

9. Geoloqi

This is a real-time mobile platform for sharing location data. Leave “Geonotes” at locations where you’ve been. Get notified if your peers are close by. Share GPS maps of your locations only with people you know. Android, iPhone. Price: App is free.

10. LiquidSpace

Use LiquidSpace to find the space you need, when you need it, wherever you are. This app identifies available workspace locations nearby, and allows you to book the space and check-in. Spaces can be free or fee-based in business-centers, hotel conference rooms, offices that have space to share, or any under-utilized space. iPhone. Price: App is free.



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