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11 Shopping-Search Engines to Sell Your Products

Listing your products with shopping-oriented search engines can be a great way to attract new customers. Many shopping search engines are free, but some require a fee and come with varying levels of control and interaction with your products and with customers that buy through the shopping engine.

What many of these services have in common is discounted merchandise. To therefore take advantage of some of these portals, your company may have to mark down its products to compete with the similar discounted items on the site. Alternatively, these services can be good way to sell excess stock at a lower price.

Large-Sized Search Engine Solutions

Google, Yahoo! and Bing all have their own shopping search engines that you can register your products with. They vary from being free to flexible fee-structures, depending on items sold. If just starting out, you may want to focus on a free option. You may also want to focus on a search engine that you don’t get a tremendous amount of traffic, to help build awareness of your brand with a new group of potential customers.

  1. Google Product Search. Google’s product search is a useful way to expose your products to more shoppers on one of the most popular search engines on the web. Your products will appear in the Product Search engine but also may appear on Google’s standard search results depending on the relevance of the product to the search being performed. Price: Free.
  2. Yahoo! Shopping. Submit your products to Yahoo! Shopping, provide a detailed description, and Yahoo! will do the rest. Each submission will be listed on Yahoo! Shopping in both the general product search and product comparison pages. All you need is a Yahoo! Search Marketing account. For Yahoo! store merchants, use the merchant solutions service to publish your catalog. Price: Submitting products is free; Search Marketing plans vary from free to a one-time $99 fee; Additional fees for purchases on Yahoo! Shopping also apply, including its bidding service, which affects the placement of the product in-search.
  3. Bing Shopping. A free service from Microsoft that gives access to your products to one of most widely used search engines on the web. You have to contact a Microsoft Advertising representative to get started and once you sign up, all you have to do is send your Bing Shopping data feed to Microsoft. Price: Free.
    Google Product Search login.

    Google Product Search login.

    Comparison Shopping and Shopping Directories

    These are shopping destination sites that offer thousands of popular brands and products, usually at a discounted price. I’ve tried to focus on general and popular shopping sites and comparison sites. If you are interested in the dozens of niche online marketplaces, check out my previous article, “How To Set Up Shop on Niche Online Marketplaces,” for more information on that process.

  4. Amazon. It’s one of the most costly sites to list your products, but it is also has high traffic and could be worth the cost for the right merchant. Price: Structure varies on amount of items sold – 40 items or less monthly, $.99 per sale plus 15 percent referral fee and variable closing fee per item starting at $.45 to $.05 per pound; 40 items or more monthly, flat $39.99 for unlimited sales plus the same referral and closing fees.
  5. PriceGrabber. A price comparison search engine, PriceGrabber gets roughly 24 million unique visitors monthly looking for deals. Merchants can list their products for free and then only pay when a shopper clicks on their product. The merchant then pays a cost-per-click fee. The nice thing here is that once the shopper clicks through on PriceGrabber, the shopper finalizes the sale on the merchant’s website. Price: $.35 – $.90 per item clicked, depending on category of product.
  6. PriceScan. Any merchant can list a product here, but you need extremely competitive prices or PriceScan will not list your product if it is higher than the similar products that it already lists. Price: Free.
  7. Another shopping comparison directory that merchants can list products on with two payment options: Cost-Per-Order (CPO) and Cost-Per-Click (CPC). CPO means merchants pay a negotiated commission to and comes with some additional benefits when selling with them. CPC is a per-click fee program with varying rates that depend on the product and category. Price: Varies with product and product listing program in use.

    PriceGrabber merchant login.

    PriceGrabber merchant login.

  8. Owned by eBay, has a large following in the comparison-shopping world with an average of 20 million unique visitors monthly. Price: $.05 – $.90 per item clicked, depending on category of product.
  9. ShopWiki. A shopping search engine that crawls for products and stores and lists them in their search results. If your store is not already listed, you can simply type in your store’s URL and add it to ShopWiki’s index. Once your URL has been added, your products should start appearing in ShopWiki’s search results within 3 to 4 weeks. Price: Free.
  10. ShopZilla. A widely used shopping comparison directory that merchants can take advantage of. Shopzilla is free to register and list products on, but it uses a similar cost-per-click (CPC) fee structure as many other comparison sites. Register a Shopzilla merchant account and pay a minimum of $50, which will all go towards the CPC fee for each item purchased through ShopZilla. Price: $.05-$.90 per item clicked, depending on category of product.
  11. TheFind. TheFind is a powerful comparison shopping service and has probably already found your store’s products with its search bot, but merchants can play a much more active role by setting up a merchant account with The Find. Once you are registered, you can submit a comprehensive product feed to the service of all products available, update that feed as often as desired, and control your store’s brand and logo as seen from TheFind. You can also pay to have your products featured and increase traffic to your own site. Price: Free – $299.

    TheFind merchant center.

    TheFind merchant center.

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  1. Bret Sutherland April 14, 2011 Reply

    Matt, I don’t think Yahoo Shopping is free any longer. You have to sign up via Price Grabber:


  2. Louis Camassa April 14, 2011 Reply

    I’d liked to hear from other eCommerce store owners which shopping comparison sites perform the best? I have many using Google, Bing, and The Find-Google definitely returns the best; Bing very low sales, and The Find, nearly nothing.

  3. Andrew April 14, 2011 Reply


    Thanks for sharing information about the shopping engines to your readers. One addition I’d add is, they were the best paid shopping engine for our clients in Q4 2010. Also, Amazon Product Ads is a great marketing portal for merchants that don’t want to work with the Amazon Marketplace. It works just like a paid shopping engine where traffic is referred to a merchant’s website, so you can capture e-mails and remarket to those customers (unlike on Amazon’s Marketplace).

    Louis you’ll want to check out the study we run each quarter. We rank the Top 10 shopping engines according to the revenue, traffic, conversions, cost of sale (spend / revenue), merchant tools, and response ratings they provide our merchants. Q1 2011 statistics will be out next week (with a new breakdown by category), but for the time being here’s Q4, 2010: [](

    Here’s a list of the winners:

    1. Google Product Search
    2. Nextag
    3. Amazon Product Ads
    4. Shopzilla
    5. Bing
    7. Pricegrabber
    8. TheFind
    9. Become
    10. Pronto

  4. woodsikov April 14, 2011 Reply

    Which of these are international in scope and which are USA only?

  5. Steve @ten23media April 19, 2011 Reply

    My order of best performing is almost the same as Andrew’s list, with the exception of Nextag sometimes outperforming Google Product and Pricegrabber outperforming

  6. brustici April 19, 2011 Reply

    I’ve done this for a range of client types and the one result I’m finding is you really can’t predict which one will work best. The strategy I take is to test many of them. Some out perform, while other go flat.

  7. espaide April 19, 2011 Reply

    My company, Edgenet Inc, is partners with Google and Bing in regard to the Product Pages. I wanted to clarify that a company can only send data to Google and Bing for free if they have an e-commerce site.

    Through Edgenet’s partnership with Google and Bing, a manufacturer without an e-commerce site can now send their data to Google and Bing by using our Ezeedata Search Service. In this way, Google and Bing recieve the data straight from the source: The manufacturer.

  8. PickMyGift April 22, 2011 Reply

    I must comment that I just checked out the Bing Product submit – which required me to sign up for an AdCenter account (complete with credit card requirement for which they did a pre-authorization charge of $1.00 already), but once in my account, saddly there is NO CONNECTION between the adcenter and Bing Shopping product submit. The only ‘support’ for the Bing Shopping product submit is via email, to which I am still waiting for a reply.

    Any attempt to seach the site for where to submit a link takes you to a page about Bing Shopping, with a PDF merchants integration download,but again, no links to any login page! When I contacted the ad-center support, I was told they couldn’t help me! Again, MS really jumped the gun before having it loaded! If anyone has any correct information on how to get the products listed or how to get to the Create Bing Shopping Account (as specified in the PDF) – PLEASE LET ME KNOW!! This is the next biggest runaround MS has ever done to merchants! Sorry…

  9. David Sotolongo December 21, 2011 Reply

    Google is free, but they can and will cancel your account without notice or reason. Since it is free, they will not give you a reason.
    Google’s policy is very clear. I don’t know who would waste their time in signing up for a contract that can be terminated for any reason.
    they have done this to many merchants.
    Amazon, was just inacurately selling the wrong product at the wrong price, I had to cancel them because they were selling the wrong sku…
    Bing- No sales, very leattle. I was there for a year the cashback program was a joke.

  10. How Do To ShopSmart May 5, 2012 Reply

    Submit also to, new shopping search engine, it is free, and your products will be visible after few weeks.

  11. WestbySouthwest Decor July 11, 2012 Reply

    Can anyone provide any insight into the Bing Shopping portal? There apparently does not appear to be any true support for merchants… Although the ‘portal’ for submitting products is ‘part of’ the adcenter, the support is ‘separate’ and is via an email address only. I’m having a hard time understanding why they made Bing product submit PART of their website, but then give no support or information. The forum is filled with old and new questions that are not answered – again, useless. This is very sad…

  12. Jason December 21, 2013 Reply

    Good information & thanks for putting up this list Matt. Here’s another great shopping search engine i like very much. They are ranked in the top 2000 websites in the world so they get good traffic. They really offer a great solution for sellers. No money asked until profits are made. What do you think?

    Here’s the link if anyone needs a place to list. ”hope it helps & makes you much sales”

  13. Johna88 May 9, 2014 Reply

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  14. Antonio Ramirez February 28, 2015 Reply

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  16. April May 26, 2015 Reply no longer exists :-(
    That’s what has led me to look for other product search engines… Thus leading me here. Thank you for making this helpful list, I’m SO lost without!

  17. Jimmy December 28, 2016 Reply

    I would also include

    Otherwise great list!