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13 New Marketing Videos on Instagram, to Inspire

Making an Instagram video can be a good way to entertain followers, display new products, and deliver your brand message. If you need a little inspiration, just watch how the big brands do it.

Here is a list of new branded marketing videos on Instagram. There are holiday videos, campaign installments, new product looks, and some really amazing images. Like and comment totals are from November 7, 2014.


Oreo on Instagram

Oreo on Instagram.

This is a final video of a Halloween campaign from Oreo. Followers can find additional content at the Oreo Lab, where “mad scientists” bring cookies and Halloween candy to life. 6.4K likes, 100 comments.


AdidasOriginals on Instagram

AdidasOriginals on Instagram.

This AdidasOriginals video highlights seasonal elements, as well as the suitability of its Primaloft warm and dry design. It’s part of an “Autumn Stories” campaign, exclusively for retailer Sneakersnstuff. 40.1K likes, 309 comments.


GoPro on Instagram

GoPro on Instagram.

Take a ride on the back of a lion through an African savannah. This video from GoPro provides a thrilling sequence of moments. GoPro appears to have the ideal product for Instagram’s short video format. 165K likes, 2.1K comments.


Ford on Instagram

Ford on Instagram.

This Halloween video from Ford is a quick look at a scary car wash prank. The short is a teaser for the full-length YouTube video, which has approximately 1.5 million views. 3.8K likes, 105 comments.

National Geographic

National Geographic on Instagram

National Geographic on Instagram.

This time-lapse video of Ama Dablam in Nepal is from the National Geographic team. It’s part of a larger video, Why Sherpas Climb, which examines why Sherpas risk danger to help climbers summit difficult peaks. 195K likes, 2.1K comments.

Red Bull

Red Bull on Instagram

Red Bull on Instagram.

Red Bull likes to feature exhilarating and death-defying stunts, and this video is no exception. Watch this quick series of amazing dirt-bike aerials. 71.5K likes, 2.4K comments.

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters on Instagram

Urban Outfitters on Instagram.

This “flipagram” from Urban Outfitters is a series of stills on colorful bed sets. While the video conveys inspirational bedroom design ideas, its simple and attainable production style should also be inspirational for any small business considering the Instagram format. 46.1K likes, 497 comments.

Forever 21

Forever 21 on Instagram

Forever 21 on Instagram.

This video from Forever 21 is a series of looks, using a single model, a white corner background and electronic music. Simple and effective, it’s a quick push of style and energy. This is another video with production that’s easily within the means of a small business. 112K likes, 799 comments.


Starbucks on Instagram

Starbucks on Instagram.

This video from Starbucks features seasonal images along with seasonal beverages. The video was created with Instagram’s new hyper-lapse application for shooting smooth time-lapse video from a smartphone. 108K likes, 1.1K comments.


Lego on Instagram

Lego on Instagram.

This hyper-lapse video from Lego kicks off its “10 days of hyper-lapse” contest. Participants submit hyper-lapse videos, and the best ten win cool Lego sets. 14.3K likes, 170 comments.

Nike Skateboarding

Nike Skateboarding on Instagram

Nike Skateboarding on Instagram.

This video from Nike Skateboarding shows skateboarding aerials on a Halloween ramp. Nike Skateboarding products are used in this awe-inspiring activity, and Nike makes the most of it. 43.8K likes, 2K comments.

General Electric

General Electric on Instagram

General Electric on Instagram.

This video from General Electric is a crafty penciled animation of a locomotive. Part of its #GameOfInches campaign, the short details how GE technology helps locomotives make the most of their momentum. 1.3K likes, 30 comments.


Mercedes-Benz on Instagram

Mercedes-Benz on Instagram.

This Halloween video from Mercedes-Benz is a terrific blend of holiday fun with a brand message of superb design. 28K likes, 289 comments.

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