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15 New Ecommerce Books for March 2012

The wide adoption of the tablet has created an explosion in ebook publishing. Here is a list of new ecommerce titles, including books on marketing, social media, and email lists. Nearly all of the books are available in digital format, while only one is available in hardcover. One-third of the titles can be read for free by Amazon Prime members.

This list was compiled using on March 12, 2012. From Amazon’s “Books” category, I selected “Browse Subjects” and chose the “Business & Investing” sub-category. From there, I selected “Industries & Professions,” and chose “E-commerce.” Then I handpicked titles from that group, based on customer ratings and relation to ecommerce.

New Ecommerce Books

Global Search Engine Marketing: Fine-Tuning Your International Search Engine Results by Anne F. Kennedy, Kristjan Mar Hauksson

Marketing through search engines to customers outside North America has become essential, but it presents complex and unfamiliar challenges. Global Search Engine Marketing brings together proven solutions to all the issues marketers will encounter, from culture and communication to technology and law. Kindle $9.99; Paperback $15.21.

The Ultimate Guide To Marketing Your Business With Pinterest by Gabriela Taylor

This guide presents tips, real business examples and tools you can use to enhance your Pinterest experience. Learn what Pinterest is and how it works, what Pinterest can do that Facebook and Twitter can’t, how brands are using Pinterest right now, and how to measure and track results. Kindle $0.99; Prime members read for free.

10 Steps to Mobile Marketing Success by Timothy Hillebrand

10 Steps to Mobile Marketing Success is a presentation of the virtues of mobile marketing. It will show you why you need mobile marketing, give you the tools you need, and show you how to use them effectively. This is a practical game plan for your online marketing success using mobile technology. Kindle $4.99; Prime members read for free.

Ultimate Webinar Marketing Guide by Lewis Howes

In four years, author Lewis Howes went from sleeping on his sister’s couch to earning seven figures, all because one webinar showed him a new way to market his business. Learn how to succeed using webinars to connect with customers and discuss what matters most to them. Kindle $9.99; Prime members read for free.

Paid, Owned, Earned: Maximizing Marketing Returns in a Socially Connected World by Nick Burcher

This book presents a blueprint to navigate the social media space, using a framework of communities and content, social media optimization, seeding and viral distribution, broadcast mass media, social performance media and measurement. Kindle $14.82; Paperback $17.61.

Get Your Business Online Now! by Todd Alexander

In this user-friendly guide, the author details the essential tools to get businesses online and make their websites successful and profitable. Learn how to design and build an effective website. Explore marketing and advertising strategies, logistics and payment solutions, mobile commerce, and more. Kindle $9.99.

Million Dollar Web Presence: Leverage the Web to Build Your Brand and Transform Your Business by Chad Barr, Alan Weiss

This book shows how to cash in on the unmatched reach of the web. From your website to mobile marketing, uncover the secrets to dramatically elevate your brand and drive more revenue to your business. Paperback $14.63.

Internet Marketing for Small Businesses by Claudio Torres

This book is a practical guide to using the power of the Internet and social media for your business. Learn how to grow your business, promote your products, increase your sales and better serve your clients via the Internet. This book is designed as a practical guide and aims to be quick to read and immediately usable by any small business. Kindle $9.95; Paperback $16.95.

Return On Influence: The Revolutionary Power of Klout, Social Scoring, and Influence Marketing by Mark Schaefer

Return on Influence explores how brands are identifying and leveraging the world’s most powerful bloggers, tweeters, and YouTube celebrities to build product awareness, brand buzz, and new sales. Kindle $9.99; Hardcover $16.33.

Email List Building 101: How to Build a List for Beginners by Chris Lockwood

If you’re just beginning with Internet marketing, or have not yet started building an email list, this book will show you how. It starts from the very beginning and assumes the reader has no experience with list building or email marketing. Kindle $2.99; Prime members read for free.

Affiliate Marketing Then and Now by Scott Jangro, Deborah Carney, Todd Crawford and Brian Littleton

This is a transcript of a round table discussion about how affiliate marketing got started and how it has evolved with some of the people that have been in it since the beginning. Are they in the same place they were when they started? Where do they see the industry going? Kindle $5.99; Prime members read for free.

Google+ for Business: How Google’s Social Network Changes Everything by Chris Brogan

Google+ for Business reveals why Google+ offers business opportunities available nowhere else. The author guides you through using Google+ for promotion, customer service, community building, referrals, collaboration, and more. Kindle $9.20; Paperback $15.33.

Your World is Exploding: How Social Media is Changing Everything – and How you Need to Change with it by Christopher G. Dessi

In Your World is Exploding, the author argues that the recent explosion of social media is a spiritual awakening, not a technological one. The book shares techniques to master engagement in social media for your career, your business, and your life. Take control of your career and harness the digital forces that shape our world today. Kindle $7.99; Paperback $10.99.

The Franchise Formula: Step by Step Online Marketing Success for Franchisors and Franchisees by Michael J. Meyer

The Franchise Formula provides solutions for the online marketing challenges unique to franchise businesses. With over five years providing search engine optimization and search engine marketing services for franchisers and franchisees, the author has helped hundreds of businesses overcome obstacles and maximize profits. Paperback $12.95.

Own Your Niche: Hype-Free Internet Marketing Tactics to Establish Authority in Your Field and Promote Your Service-Based Business by Stephanie Chandler

Manipulative sales tactics, long sales letters with big and bold headlines, and spammy emails aren’t the only way to get visibility and capture sales online. Own Your Niche brings authenticity back to Internet marketing, teaching you how to showcase your business with practical, easy-to-use strategies that you can implement yourself. Kindle $9.99; Paperback $16.24.

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